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  1. I've been working on an 06 with the exact same problem. Frustrating as hell!
  2. These pictures are awesome! I hope it's true but I work at a Yamaha dealership and we haven't gotten any info.
  3. Here's mine. I made a couple brackets for the shrouds and number plates and run a shorter spark plug.
  4. I did this to mine and have started a thread. I didn't do a new seat, couldn't figure out why you'd need to.
  5. I put 06 450 forks on mine. You'll have to change the brake side spacer, axle, and caliper.
  6. sandy450 I bought an 01 brand new and a few years later bought an 07 brand new personally I liked the 01 motor better but once I got used to the 07 I didn't mind it. I loved the 07 chassis. I still own the 01 and kick myself for selling the 07
  7. Here's my 85
  8. I bought an oem one from Rocky Mountain. Supposed to get it today. Hopefully I can get it on this weekend.
  9. Well just for fun I ordered one today. Hopefully I can tell the difference.
  10. I've been wondering the same thing. I feel mine is pretty dialed in but always hear how much better the Keihins are.
  11. I have one on my 01 as well and I love it.
  12. 05-08 bolt right up
  13. CR250_182 they did go right on. I've read that the bottom bearing and race is different. I felt they were good but I'm going to check that this week. I put 06 450 forks on and they are 47mm and the 12 forks are 48mm so I shimmed the forks. I had to use an 06 axle and wheel spacer also.
  14. Smuff808 I bought some shim stock locally and made my own. It cost me $11.
  15. CR250_182 it's a 2013 front fender. I didn't modify the fender, I put 2012 triple clamps on.