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  1. jl513

    2007 CRF250 hard to start

    I've been working on an 06 with the exact same problem. Frustrating as hell!
  2. jl513

    2016 YZ 250 and YZ 125.

    These pictures are awesome! I hope it's true but I work at a Yamaha dealership and we haven't gotten any info.
  3. jl513

    2001 - 2007 cr125 plastics conversion

    Here's mine. I made a couple brackets for the shrouds and number plates and run a shorter spark plug.
  4. jl513

    2001 - 2007 cr125 plastics conversion

    I did this to mine and have started a thread. I didn't do a new seat, couldn't figure out why you'd need to.
  5. I put 06 450 forks on mine. You'll have to change the brake side spacer, axle, and caliper.
  6. jl513

    06 CR250 build by Motocross Action

    sandy450 I bought an 01 brand new and a few years later bought an 07 brand new personally I liked the 01 motor better but once I got used to the 07 I didn't mind it. I loved the 07 chassis. I still own the 01 and kick myself for selling the 07
  7. jl513

    let me see your trikes!

    Here's my 85
  8. jl513

    01 cr250 carb swap to 00cr250 carb

    I bought an oem one from Rocky Mountain. Supposed to get it today. Hopefully I can get it on this weekend.
  9. jl513

    01 cr250 carb swap to 00cr250 carb

    Well just for fun I ordered one today. Hopefully I can tell the difference.
  10. jl513

    01 cr250 carb swap to 00cr250 carb

    I've been wondering the same thing. I feel mine is pretty dialed in but always hear how much better the Keihins are.
  11. jl513

    CR250 hydraulic clutch

    I have one on my 01 as well and I love it.
  12. jl513

    2002 cr250 newer fenders ?

    05-08 bolt right up
  13. CR250_182 they did go right on. I've read that the bottom bearing and race is different. I felt they were good but I'm going to check that this week. I put 06 450 forks on and they are 47mm and the 12 forks are 48mm so I shimmed the forks. I had to use an 06 axle and wheel spacer also.
  14. jl513

    01 cr250 with newer style plastics

    Smuff808 I bought some shim stock locally and made my own. It cost me $11.
  15. CR250_182 it's a 2013 front fender. I didn't modify the fender, I put 2012 triple clamps on.