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  1. clbail2919

    Acerbis rear auxiliary fuel tank

    What's the rotopax version or knock off that's half the price? Thanks!
  2. clbail2919

    2012 XR 650L tank?

    I couldn't be happier with my acerbis 5.8 , I had a clark 4.7 that I could never get all the gas out. I think dual pet cock is the way to go on the tanks.
  3. clbail2919

    Carb hoses or spaghetti dinner?

    Hey on that breather tube does it connect to anything? Sorry I see the 1,2,3 thing but not sure where 3 connects? Also what does that breather tube do?
  4. clbail2919

    Cheapo here needs ideas! Chain slider issue

    I guess I'll shell out the money. Thanks for the replies!
  5. clbail2919

    Cheapo here needs ideas! Chain slider issue

    Will one off of a CRF450 fit mine? They seem to be a lot cheaper.
  6. Hey everyone, I have been having trouble keeping my chain slider on my XR650L. I was going to just order a new one but I really don't want to shell out $40 for it(plus shipping). Has anyone made one of these or anything? I'm wondering also if the reason mine came off has anything to do with my recent switch to a 14T front sprocket and it's just riding too much on it or if it was just at the end of it's life anyway. I Still have the old one but the loops that loop onto the swing arm have torn off. I thought about trying to glue it or something? Thanks!
  7. clbail2919

    Rim tape, check it out!

    I like it! are those motard wheels? or is it the different front fender that makes them look that way? bike looks SHARP!
  8. clbail2919

    Just picked up an xr650l have a few questions

    Definitely Definitely DEFINITELY check that banjo bolt on the little silver pipe running to the top of the head and make sure you have oil coming out! It will save you a lot of heartache!
  9. I've picked up a couple XR650L's around your price range. I'm currently riding a 98 XR650L I paid $1600 for. They are big and heavy though, so not sure how big you are looking for.
  10. Anyone ever have moments like these? I just spent $200 bucks at Rocky Mtn and just realized I ordered a 14T L sprocket to change out for trails instead of a 14T XRR sprocket... DANG IT! I hope they do returns cause I don't want it! Also, I'm pretty sure I'm running either 55 or 58 Pilot jet and a 155,158, maybe even a 160 main jet but I ordered some smaller jets to replace in hopes of recovering some gas mileage. I now average about 33 and my last pig got 52 miles to the gallon most of the time on the road. What are the predictions or what should I expect from this? The bike has been desnorkeled, Uni filter, and slip on pipe. Will it run like crap you think? What would happen if I just changed to a smaller pilot jet? Any predictions? Thanks ya'll!
  11. clbail2919

    XR650L tire's

    my last two tires on the rear was the TW302( wore out in about 600 miles of on road and some off road) and my most recent purchase was the Shinko 705 or 700 can't remember, the Shinko gets really hot, and it's really sticky! I do not feel comfortable putting a passenger on the bike with the shinko. I'm switching back to the D606 because even though it cost more and wears out quicker than a more street suited tire, when I need traction, I need traction! There was a fairly aggressive michelin that had pretty good reviews too for about $65, it was more of a dirt tire but DOT approved.
  12. clbail2919

    How much oil?

    I think getting the proper level and not over adding or running with not enough comes from checking the same way each time. I'm pretty sure I run way too much oil in my XRL but unless I'm worried it's out of oil I will start it up and let it run for a few minutes to get an accurate reading. Sometimes if I just check it without letting it run it shows I am really low on oil but realistically I'm well over 2 quarts. Do you check it the same way each time? or sometimes hot and sometimes cold?
  13. clbail2919

    16T XRL front sprocket review

    I have never heard about it being bad to use more than one master link. I would imagine it makes for a more vulnerable chain but the times I have done it, I've never had a problem. I bet it was frustrating trying to adjust out a 45T-40T switch with the adjusters!
  14. clbail2919

    16T XRL front sprocket review

    Nice looks good! The only downside to the 15T off road for me was I always seemed to be in between first and second, I doubt the 16T will make first high enough for my needs but I have enjoyed a 14T for many miles off road. Looks good on the grinding! I think that's about how thick my sprocket started out. These guys at the shop used a nice lathe to grind my down. Beats me trying to do it with a bench grinder or a dremel or something lol.
  15. clbail2919

    16T XRL front sprocket review

    I liked the idea of being able to change out to a smaller one in the front if I am doing a long ride from pavement to trails is why I chose the 16T front. Later on I might mess with going back to an XRR 15T front sprocket and less teeth in the rear but I had just bought new sprockets front and back about 4 months ago so I plan on wearing them out. Going from my 15T XRL sprocket to the 16T XRR sprocket I had enough adjustment in my chain. I think I am running a stock length chain(that's how I ordered it from Rocky Mtn), but I haven't counted the links. I have no interest in going to a 15T again (with the stock 45T in the rear) because I think I like the 16T better for road and I never really liked the 15T for off road. My plan will be shorten my chain and have a master link or two I can go back up to the 16T from a 14T on the fly. As far as clearance for the 16T mine will not fit with the sprocket cover on. I will have to do some trimming on mine to make it fit, I think it is important to have one on these bikes, I never had one on a bike as a kid but I guess i was lucky to never get a boot string or something caught in it. Unless something comes lose with the shaft I have no idea how it would hit the actual motor case but I am on day one with this sprocket. I just did a 60 mile ride around where I live on the mountain roads and when I got back on the highway it was pretty sweet using the low end power of the XRL to cruise at 80-90(in some places, not up hill!). My adjusters on my chain with the 16T front and 45T rear are at 20. I think before it was at 24 or 25 but I'm not 100% sure.