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  1. cwatkins_25

    beginner female rider plz help!

    Thanks everybody!! I'm getting my bike this weekend! I'm 19 and pretty aggressive so im looking toward the crf 230
  2. cwatkins_25

    CRF 150R vs. KLX 140L

    Thanks! im getting a bike next weekend. You both really helped!
  3. I'm a new rider, and I've been doing a lot of research. The two bikes I have nailed it down to are the crf 150r and the klx 140l. I'm 5'4" and 120 pounds. I am looking for a bike that will be a good combination bike. I want to be able to trail ride but still have good enough suspension and power to enter in amateur moto gps. I understand the 150 r is a race bike and the 140 is a trail bike, but i am really interested in which one will be a better overall bike for both. How good is the 150 r on trails? and how good is the klx 140 on jumps? any experience or advice would help a lot thanks!
  4. cwatkins_25

    beginner female rider plz help!

    kind of besides the point but Ya it was a yamaha ttr 90.
  5. cwatkins_25

    beginner female rider plz help!

    Do You think the klx has better suspension then the Honda? How is it on jumps or track riding if I wanted to do both. they were clutch less sorry not automatic.
  6. Hi, I'm 5'4" 120 pound female who's looking to get a new 2012 bike. I'm a new rider, riden 90 cc automatic dirt bikes before but looking to get something to fit my style. I want to get a bike that i can ride in the trails but eventually race in moto gps. I've been looking at the CRF150, CRF150 R, TTR125 LE, and KLX 140. It can be other bikes to. I am really looking for a bike that i won't outgrow for awhile. Any help/advice is appreciated!! Also I'm planning on going out every weekend, and I'm athletic and a quick learner.