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  1. I have a kx 125 older 1990 and the bike will start to idle high when I pull in the clutch or throw it in neutral does not happen all the time doesnt matter if it is hot or cold. Seems to happen very random and at least 50% of the time. Any ideas? 2T's are pretty new to me, this is the first I've owned not including chainsaws
  2. 1-2ride

    1990 kx125exaust timing

    If someone reads this and thinks I need to post somewhere else please let me know. I've been unable to get this info and cant put my bike back together. Thanks 1-2ride
  3. I havea 1990 kx125 got the manual to set power valve timing but the punch marks are gone on valves does anyone know how to set timing. I was guesing pull arm all the way out to the right and have that be both valves wide open. Please help dont want to keep putting to much cash in to this thing