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  1. Grayfox03

    EFI Calibration kit from 2009 work on 2012?

    You need only purchase the software (the code is 41080-0583). The software will update the ECU Controller to work with 2012 models. You need also the wiring harness code 26011-0243
  2. Grayfox03

    kawi programmer

    I adjust my map for experiment for me and my friends on stock and modified bikes. The three map can be programmed individually so i modify only two map at a time and the last map as stock. The programmer is not necessary for stock bike, the injection is auto adaptive. The logging function is full of information about riding parameter. You can hold the entire history of condition engine. Beautiful. You can learn a lot from this informations, is only to be studied. Finally when i'll sell my bike for a new kxf 2013, new owner will have the full history of my used bike
  3. Grayfox03

    kawi programmer

    I use it, from Italy