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  1. kevomxracer

    2015 drz400sm mod help!

    Hey guys! Just bought brand new supermoto, and want some mod tips/help. I got a full FMF exhaust, and dynajet kit, and extended fuel screw that can be adjusted with your fingers, I also did the 3x3 mod. What should all the carb setting be after I do the install.
  2. kevomxracer

    re spoking rim HELP

    I have a yz250f and wanted my rims powdercoated black. what should i expect to pay to have the rim re-spoked?
  3. I got a pair of fox 180 pants and I wore them like 4 times and I burnt a whole in the knee when I was leaning over my bike while it was warming up, like an idiot I wasn't thinking and smelt something and looked down and there was a hole burnt clear through. Does anyone know a good patch or something I could get to patch up the whole without it tearing again?
  4. kevomxracer

    Yz85 won't hold idle.

    That's also what thought. So I put new piston and rings in it. But it still does it. That's why I just don't know.
  5. kevomxracer

    Yz85 won't hold idle.

    Ya I was able to look through the jets so they were clean. And I've tried messing with the idle screw, and at idle, adjusting the screw will make the change you made to the screw work. But as soon as you go ride it and pull the clutch in to come to a stop or just glide it dies. And if you let off the clutch if your just gliding, it will like pop start the bike back up. But idk what to do now
  6. kevomxracer

    Pink slip?

    That's a great deal. Most dirtbikes you see on craigslist people dont even have titles for them and still get like 2000$ for a bike like that. The only way not having a title would really affect you would be if your Gonna register it, like a car without a title is useless cause you couldn't register it without it, but I never really heard of anyone registering a race bike, and that's the only thing you'd need it for is if you wanted to make it street legal and ride it on the roads.
  7. kevomxracer

    Yz85 won't hold idle.

    My yz85 isn't holding an idle. So this is what it does: it will start right up 1st kick and hold an idle. But then if you go and ride it around and pull the clutch in to just glide, or come to a stop. It will just die rather than hold an idle like it use to. And when you go to hit the throttle when Riding it, it smokes a lot, and doesn't really have the hit it use to in the powerband. And it had a bad crank seal a few months ago, and had all the same symptoms that I just described above. So I replaced it and it still kind of does it... The plug is a good brownish-black color, run it 40:1 and I cleaned the carb. So if anyone can help that would be great thanks.
  8. kevomxracer

    yz85 no low end power. HELP!

    i just did the top end in my yz85 and i did the break in procedure and etc. but it has a bog when first taking off. but has great top end power, just not good bottom end. cleaned the carb, checked the reeds, moved the clip on the needle to the 3rd notch, (it was on the 2nd notch). and still the same thing. but it did have the bog before the rebuild, and thats why i rebuit in because it had low compression(90psi), so it needed to be done anyways, but now i just remembered i changed the front sprocket before the rebuild, and its 1 tooth bigger than the stock front sprocket. would the sprocket be my problem?!?! thats the only other thing i can think of at this point. any help would be great. THANKS
  9. kevomxracer

    2 stroke help

    It had the bog like 1 ride after I found out crank seal was bad and thought it was because all the oil it was sucking in and making it run real rich but it's still doing it. Just pulled cylinder off an piston and cylinder is a little scored. Would it not holding an idle that well be because of low compression?
  10. kevomxracer

    2 stroke help

    Did a leak test and there's no leak. And tried adjusting throttle cable. Could it possibly be clip on on needle?
  11. kevomxracer

    2 stroke help

    I have a yz85 I just did the right crank seal. Now I put it back together and rode it and its bogging real bad when you let off the throttle in either 3rd or 4th gear and go to get back on it, It wont even respond unless you just keep jerking the throttle. And its smoking a little bit more than I think it should. Im running 40:1 with 93 pump gas. And I did a compression reading and its about 90psi. And sometimes it will wanna hold an idle. And sometime it will die when at idle and you have to start it back up and bloop the throttle and it will be fine. And it will do that after like every moto. Any help please?
  12. kevomxracer

    Shifting: With our without clutch?

    I only use the clutch when I first take off and in corners when trying to keep up the rpms and never had to replace clutch or transmission parts. And my bike is 4 years old. As long as you let off the throttle then click it into gear and get back on the throttle your fine. Just don't shift while on the throttle then you might hear some noises that make you cringe.
  13. kevomxracer

    Crank seal replacement help?

    Also I can't check the trams fluid really becaus there's no site gauge. And I checked for wiggle and there was no crankshaft play. And it's deff burning oil because you can smell it and the plug is black and fouled after like 2 hour of riding.
  14. kevomxracer

    Crank seal replacement help?

    @te4250 it ran fine until one day and then it would idle and I checked all the adjustments I could.
  15. kevomxracer

    Riding Quotes

    I'd rather be riding my Dirtbike thinking about god then being in church thinking about my Dirtbike.