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  1. Hey all, I will just start out and tell everyone i love forums. You get the best advice and knowledge from people that are in to the sport. I got 3 little ones riding. Twins that are 10 (boy and girl) and a 8 year old daughter. My son has a 2000 kx 65 and the 2 girls share a pw50 (for now). My son has been riding for 2 years now and loves it. I put him in a mx race last summer and out of 12 bikes he got 5th. On flat ground he will peg the 65 out. He wants to do a bunch of races this year so I thought "well let me see if i can make him a fast bike" Got it all torn down with the help of some of the guys I met over summer that knows bikes a lot better then i do. I give you the list of plans for this build and let me know what you think. wiesco piston port and polish v force 3 reed vavles mill the head 10 thousands Bills pipe The guys that are helping me build it say it should tear up the track. I will try and get some pics on here and keep this going through out the build. Any advice would be great.