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  1. TTR KEG

    TTR Jets

    I have the 230. I put a new Big Gun tail pipe and left the stock header on. I went with a 38 pilot jet and a 130 Main. I also took out the snorkle and (this is important) drilled holes in the air box rather than remove it. Also put in a Uni air filter. Big big improvement in both performance and sound. I'm in PA, and the only problem i have is that when the temp. drops below, say 55-58 degrees, it runs too lean. it backfires, exhaust sparks, and actually left me stranded after a single very loud backfire. What I found is that when the temp drops, cover up some of the air box holes with duct tape to make it run richer. Has anyone else run into this? I just got the swidewinder 15 tooth countersprocket and looking forward to installing that for the spring. I'm also interested in any ideas on suspension mods. The articles on this site talk about the works rears shock but that thing costs at least $500. any alternatives?
  2. TTR KEG

    TTR 125L Chain Guide

    Ok I'm a little lost. My TTR 230 came with the factory white "chain support" I've found the after market chain guides that you guys are talking about. My question is how do the after markets bolt up? do they mount to the cheap white one or the swingarm? Thanks guys