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  1. Has anyone had experience with the SHORAI lithium batteries?
  2. "There is a low fuel light on the dash and it comes on at exactly 100 miles. Over the course of my riding, the fuel mileage on the KTM was a consistent 50 mpg, regardless of conditions. At 110 miles, it took 2.1gallons to fill the 2.25-gallon tank. Any bike with a comfortable stock range of 100 miles is fantastic." ( review of 2012 KTM 350 EKC-f) not coming from me but this is where I got my pre-purchase info about the bike, sorry for butchering it a bit in previous posts.
  3. Got a bit of riding in friday and saturday, so far so good. The weather stunk, got some nice freezing ran so that was fun. I took the mirrors off and put on a little one that came from ktm, more or less useless so that will come back off. I took a couple pictures but no clue how to up load them. I am thinking softer seat, bigger tank (found one from IMS its a 3.1 Gallon Tank, would rather find the 3.4 gallon tank from Acerbis but it doesnt look like they make them for the 2012 models yet), also looking at the Shorai Lithium Battery (not sure about sizing and what not yet though. Wish I got into this a long time ago but better late then never i guess.
  4. Im speaking of riding it like a dual sport on the road to and from work and class. And again Im not riding it yet im just going off what others have told me. Should know this spring... even 100 is money in the bank.... insurance was 172 a year. PS im new
  5. As far as MPGs (one thing I was concerened about) I am hearing that people are getting around 50mpg. They are saying full light comes on at 100 miles wich is right. I was once told by a old school car mechanic that by law a fuel light has to pop on when you have 50 miles left in your tank. 150 miles on 12 bucks in gas... sure beats the 12mpg my grand cherokee gets riding to school and back.
  6. The only thing getting me threw a week of exams is the thought that I get to pick up my KTM saturday morning. The weather forecast is 35 and rain, that is not going to stop me. I will let everyone knows how it goes.
  7. I did a skid plate, the handugards, and the race mirror (much smaller and it is on a ball joint to move it out of the way if I want) all from the dealer I figured I will start there. I am going in this afternoon to give them the balance for the bike and will talk to them about the map and gearing.
  8. I know most the chat has been regarding the bigger bikes but I will be picking up a 2012 KTM 350 exc-f in a week or so (first bike). The plan for mine is short rides to and from class dirt roads the trails at home and maybe a trip here and there. Im also concerned about the maintance issue I do not mind taking something to the shop once and a while but im new to the whole 4 stroke thing most my engine knowledge comes from old chevys and tractors. Hope I made the right choice for getting into the sport/hobbie and for asome it seems lifestyle.
  9. Oh I only paid $9,000 flat after tax title and inspection.
  10. I am in the process of buying a 2012 KTM EXC-F (first bike). I will be picking it up within the next week or so. I am looking into the basics and getting it done soon and was wondering if anyone had advice on the following upgrades (skid plate, handguards, radiator protection.. guard and bracket) Thanks a bunch.