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  1. Along with winter closures of FH & unofficially, Burlington Ridge. The latter simply because riding in 2+ FT of snow isn't fantastic.
  2. I only just recently got my 1st action cam (GP7 Black), but I do have some tips from other people. Regardless of overall resolution or settings, the codec on YT will make a difference. Regarding compression, YT can suck donkey balls sometimes. The VP09 codec is much better than avc1. A video with the latter can be pretty grainy & have artifacts except during slow-movement, at least with foliage close by. Right-click a YT video & select Stats for nerds to check the Codec. A likely way to get the VP9 codec is to record w/ 1440 or higher. I think it's fine to render at 1080 for a faster upload, or just deal w/ the long upload to get the best quality. I'm not sure if 60FPS recording helps a lot, but it doesn't hurt.
  3. Sly_One

    New bike

    5spd, kickstart only, cable clutch on the former. '17+ KTM's are counter-balanced I believe. I've yet to test one out. If the price difference is a lot, I might be happy w/ the Yami. I don't resell, so sometimes it's better to pay a bit more to get exactly what you want & just enjoy it.
  4. Sly_One

    Snow Report

    Well CB aka Burlington might be closed to winter. FH definitely is. Here's pics showing close to 6" near China Wall.
  5. Maybe make a post on 1 of the CA FB pages such as Nevada County Woods Riders or NOR-CAL OHV, the latter has almost 6K members. Some people change bikes more often than I buy new clothes, lol.
  6. Sly_One

    Snow Report

    Around 5500 ft. Google chalk bluff ohv & go to the riderplanet website. No idea if anymore than a few inches of snow is up there. I'm 25 min away so I might drive up there tonight or early tomorrow. I'll post what I find if so. I guess nowadays they do the 1-2 day closure when there's a good rain. I think it's totally open once there's a bit of snow everywhere. I've ridden CB many times in the past on 5-10" of snow. [emoji869]
  7. I bet it was Fk'n packed after the recent rain & Foresthill is closed. That's ok. It's weird to ride all day and see only 1 rider. That would be common up in Tahoe. Hah. Yeah, x-mas dinner is planned for 4pm. I guess that's so we can gorge ourselves, drop a deuce, then sleep ok. Funny enough, my grandparents stay up past 10 or 11 many nights. I've always been a night-owl myself & not a morning person. I'll be waiting for some good pictures. Even better if someone eats it. (not too bad)
  8. Sly_One

    4 Stroke Resale Value?

    Yes. Move along, kiddo.
  9. Good. Well, it's probably past bedtime for some of you, but here's a question about tomorrow. Does anyone have a spare set of "wheels" to loan to this slacker for part of the day? At least I have gear, and/or I can bring my non-running 175 out for show & tell. 🤣 Shit.
  10. Sly_One

    200rr or ????

    @Wilderness It's a 2017 Beta XTraine w/ 20 hrs for $5500. Upgrades include Rekluse, Dual Fork Cartridge upgrade, Kick Starter, Aluminum radiator guards, FMF Pipe, Seat Concepts lower seat, upgrade brake and clutch levers, Trail Tech Voyager computer , Lithium Ion battery
  11. Yeah, that's way high unless he's counting 4 days at once. 20-25gal of fuel? My cheapest example: drive 20-25 miles to the trails nearby & use up a couple tanks of gas in 1 day. Boom, $20 give or take for 8+ hrs of fun. Even factoring in some maintenance or travel, going to the theaters is more expensive per hour.
  12. Sly_One

    CCMA recreation.gov - rock hounding acccess

    I mainly meant "other" things that are from other websites. Those are rookie numbers, we gotta bump those figures up. The younger generations sure aren't riding much. If anyone dies, I'm in line to buy their bike(s).
  13. Sly_One

    CCMA recreation.gov - rock hounding acccess

    Whatever gets on the internet, stays on the internet.
  14. Hmm, nope. I was "Distrophe" until a few days ago. Most of my posts are in the last couple months. I registered years ago for some reason and then was a heavy lurker. "Last visited: November 26" - Dang, maybe he's tied up in a basement somewhere. "It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again!"