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  1. TheSlayer

    Downsizing from a 450

    I'd suggest skipping a 125 for general trail riding. Budget? A 250F could work for ya. Perhaps gear down to make lower speed trails easier. A 250F might mean a bit of clutch work. If you want a 2stroke, a ktm 200 would be good on trails.
  2. TheSlayer

    Considering returning to the hobby with a KTM 200

    Go for it. Get the newest and/or best condition xcw you can find, then get the suspension set for your weight. The 200 is more less as torquey as a 250F and great at low rpms or 2nd/3rd/4th gear single track. I've know a handful of guys to prefer their 200 over a 300. 🖒 If you think a 200 won't be enough, look for a 250 made in the last few years and the power can be adjusted more mellow. A exc/xcw will definitely be a lot better on tough single than most MX bikes.
  3. TheSlayer


    Ok, now I really hope to see Beta put Fi on their non-oi Race Editions. @uniflow Since you call your yz tpi, it's oil injected? I'd like your opinion on how hard it would be to make an Fi setup that doesn't use oil injection. I'm not anti-Fuel injection. I'm just anti-Oil injection for now, even if the overall numb of issues is pretty low. I won't risk it when bouncing around offroad 50 miles from my truck. If the XC models already had TPI, imagine how much smaller this theead would be, haha.
  4. TheSlayer

    Husky vs ktm300. Fuel injection vs carb?

    Perhaps. I just know the chance of my carb'd bikes to leave me stranded is pretty much zero. Tpi owners wanted the convenience of no premix and not dealing with jetting, along with the smoother power band and "perfect fueling". When the XC models get tpi, it'll be fun to see which side people choose.
  5. TheSlayer

    Trails bikes

    Gotta wait for a reply from "WastingGasKissingAss". Edit, perhaps a YZ250FX. There's so many bikes around nowadays, it's hard to suggest 1. Make sure it's not an MX model.
  6. TheSlayer


  7. TheSlayer

    300 2 stroke supermoto review

    Distance isn't really an issue. It's more about varying the rpms a bit and not sitting at high rpms for too long. Nearly 50HP and 245-250 lbs means it should blow away a Ninja 400 from a stop, and out-handle most regular street bikes. I wonder how the mileage is cruising along in 5th or 6th gear.
  8. TheSlayer

    The Boy enjoying his new 300 TPI 😳

    Good stuff. Next time, please record in landscape.
  9. TheSlayer

    2009 KX100 - Should I get one?

    At that weight, if you think you could handle it, I suggest a 125 or ktm/husky 150. When I was 150 lbs, I'd imagine getting "bored of KX100 power" too soon. I figure a '18 or possibly '19 150 can be had for not much more than what a brand new KX100 would cost ya. That's a combination of 34" seat height combined with 19/16 tires and a shorter wheelbase compared to full size bikes.
  10. TheSlayer

    Husky vs ktm300. Fuel injection vs carb?

    Well you can hunt for a leftover carb'd '18 xc-w and maybe save $1000-1500, if you want. Oh, and the xcw/TE choice is mainly about PDS shock VS linkage on the TE. By the way, it's easy enough to add a headlight to the XC bikes, and soften it up a bit. Although, the xcw/TE is probably the best choice for non-racers and people doing low-speed super technical trails.
  11. TheSlayer


    Dang, you got in a lot of riding there. Approx how long was the demo trail?
  12. TheSlayer

    First ride on the 2019 Beta 200RR

    What size rear sprocket? Since it's rare to find enough room to do 65-70mph, now I know I'd be happy with a 14T front or possibly a 13T. Also because I'd be in 2nd or 3rd gear 90 % of the time in the woods. Yep, shows the pretty good low-end these 200's have. If you get a 200rr and lower the gearing a bit, you'll be able to pull 3rd gear on certain hills even better. I set my gearing up dependent on how I want 1st gear to be, and top speed. If I only hit 6th on access roads, then it suits me better to have a 55-60mph top speed rather than being able to hit 70. Where I most often ride, anything above 50mph is pretty sketchy anyways.
  13. TheSlayer


    Obviously TPI also has some drawbacks that carbs don't. Foul a plug from running rich? Just swap in a new plug to get back to the staging area. Plus, well-jetted bikes should rarely foul plugs. As long there's enough oil in the fuel, it's not easy to seize a carb'd 2stroke. It'll usually be user-error anyways, like the CR250 from DBC when the mechanic put a piston in that was 1 size too large. 🤣 Would be interesting if someone could up with an approx number of TPI bikes seizing or having a major problem, compared to how many seized carb'd 2strokes there were in the last 2-3 years just to be fair. I learned my lesson blowing up my 1st bike, a KX80 that I had topped out. Mog, how many carb'd 2stroke models are still for sale in the UK? Is the ktm XC TPI over there? Sure, Fi is "the future"..... For now, emission requirements aren't tough enough in the USA, fortunately. People can save a good $1000 with a non TPI KTM, or spend even less for a YZ.
  14. Maybe. Bikes can be adjusted so much nowadays. Of course a YZ generally feels different than a ktm, they have different forks at the least. I guess I'm not picky enough or fast enough for it to make a difference.
  15. TheSlayer


    100 years of carb advancement? Hah, dirt bikes have changed the most from 1980 to 2000. Some people can't get jetting right. Some bikes should just come with a Lectron or Smartcarb from the factory. I'd pay an extra $3-400 for that. By the way, the tpi bikes have been out for almost 2 years now. I'll admit they've had a pretty low number of major faults, all things considered. I wish we could look up how many Fi 4stokes had major issues around 09-10 for comparison. Disregarding the differences of engine tech.