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  1. Only shot i have of my 125 before i put the swing arm decals on.
  2. Minnesota

    Thanks! Looking forward to the season!
  3. Minnesota

    Wish I knew how to edit on my phone. Sorry for the bad autocorrrects and spelling
  4. Minnesota

    Decided to give mx another shot after my late race was in what was called mini jrs. Went out and picked up a 03 yz 125 to race 30+ c. I've been itching to ride before granstburg April first kick off. Didn't know anywhere to ride except sandbox. Looking back it wasn't the best idea. I went there last Thursday to get some seat time. I was a decent mini rider. But I have never ridden a big bike. Let a lone on a ax style track. I was a bit overwhelmed when i for there. But after a few laps I was semi comfortable. That is till I cased Irvin the double by the pits and broke my tibia now out 4-6 minimum and waiting to hear back from the orthopaedic docs. I am discouraged but plan on granstburgs April 15th as my come back. Think ill stick to outdoor tracks open practice for awhile.