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  1. had a turbo nitrous gsxr1000 etc boring!!!!!!!
  2. hahahahahahahahah winning and yes i have 4 civics with 76 mm turbos on them 760 wheel horse so yes ill take on any "street" car with my "street" cars hahaha
  3. do you have facebook? we have a couple supermoto and dirt groups for local mn riders
  4. do you ever wonder why people stunt 50's? because they are too afraid of a 500 pound stunt bike, anyone can do circles on a 50 or 70 brah, i would give you 5 sec before you break yourself with 80 horse on a 220 lb bike, think about your little dirt bike and its amazing 24 horse think about 4 times the power you have brah
  5. love you guys i beat every 600 and i weigh 250 haha 07 600rr wont keep up at 4 pounds of boost
  6. like i said the more you post the more people look and the more views for me, so how is anything any of you saying going to hurt me in any way? you do realize your are all the idiots right? hahhaa i cannot understand how you all have not figured this out by now???
  7. does it look like we sit in parking lots? you see this is why i made three videos in three days because all we do is sit and talk about bikes get a clue and btw wanna skype i heard your really cute
  8. hi wanna skype? i heard your really cute
  9. all these posts just make more people watch the vids haha winner!!! ps you can buy tiger blood on ebay if you want to win
  10. yea do it for sure we have about 30 guys right now and the crew is growing by the day, taking a road trip to get another supermoto should be fun
  11. hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhaha this shit is priceless man you just made my night hahahahahhahahahhhahaha you now have four people who are fans of "yours" hahahahhaha
  12. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha your one of those creeps on to catch a predetor aren't you??? hahahhahaha Where is Chris Hanson when you need him hahahhahaha your a funny guy hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahaa this post is getting pasted to my facebook right now hahahahahahhahahaha
  13. yea see i was right your all old and sit behind computers when the rest of us live and live to ride.....get a divorce and go have some fun already
  14. omg that dude is awesome!!!!! such a crazy guy and he looks old as balls too hahahaha
  15. do you sumo at all or just dirt bike?