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  1. Went to the dealer yesterday and sat on the 350 xcw and the 450 xcw, both feel the same. question is which one to purchase? Old bike was a honda 250 x, did everything i could to get power out of it but it was never enough. anybody have an answer for me? i would like to ride year round but that 2 stroke is looking real lite and nimble to. so many decisions, i need tt advice.
  2. milesdeep

    stolen bike

    thanks for your help I replied to your post but it obviously didn't show up still getting used to tt. here is vin # again jh2me11045m102402 white clarke tank gold excell rims red sunline levers fmf Q4 exahust and powerbomb pipe # 55 on # plate. Its nice to no there's a community of folks that look out for each other... tks again
  3. milesdeep

    stolen bike

    thanks again I emailed that craigslist ad.who nos, and heres is the vin # of my bike jh2me11045m102402 . Also my front light had a big oll # 55 sticker on it. thanks for looking out again.
  4. milesdeep

    stolen bike

    ya excel rims clarke tank red sunline levers. right on for looking out bro. pretty cool. cant wait to go ride!!!
  5. milesdeep

    stolen bike

    something with allot more power, thinking ktm 350. what do you think? 5'-6" 160 #'s
  6. milesdeep

    stolen bike

    YOU are right they had to have been casing the joint.
  7. milesdeep

    stolen bike

    thanks everyone, I still feel sick. missing my baby. 2005 crf 250 x. gold excell rims, black and white skins. here is a pic if anyone spots it let me no.
  8. milesdeep

    California stolen bike

    this happened in forest hill got done riding and decided to go for a swim in the reservoir. came back half hour latter and my truck was completely unloaded everything. Bike ,gear, cooler stand even the tie downs. man im heart broken. just a heads up. watch your shit better then I did....
  9. ok bare with the terms here but was replacing the o ring on my throttle valve plate and some how the throttle shaft sliped out and unwound the spring. well i got it figured out and back together but noticed that the cam on the throttle shaft was not lined up with the pump lever set so when you twist the throttle that lever is missing that blue cam deal on the throttle shaft. i beleive i might of either bent the pump lever reinstalling the throttle shaft and spring or the throttle shaft is not in all the way... has anyone besides me done this ? and if I bent the lever can i just bend it back or does that screw everything up. help me please want to ride
  10. milesdeep

    2006 crf250x head pipe

    b yo high marker what do you mean gearing 1-2 2-3 would that be the gears your riding in? and how would you go about doing that? rear sprocket, front sprocket tooth change? help sounds like I need to do this..... tks...
  11. milesdeep

    Foresthill trails for little ones?

    forest hill is a very cool place... heard a rumor there expanding the trails and most of them are for the kiddies
  12. milesdeep

    2009 CRF250X a good year? Why do dealers still have stock?

    after reading this topic i went down to the dealer and they only had 2012 models. bummer
  13. so did you leave a rag in there or what was the problom?
  14. milesdeep

    Washing out front end FIX !!!

    i went down hard, my bike washed out to. so any 20mm clamp set will work for our bike or what? rebuilding forks now bought new rim . top triple was loose but still. what does the 20mm clamps do differently then stock? thanks
  15. milesdeep

    dampner fork oil change

    swaped fork seals and now im changing the oil so decided to do the dampner spring as well butt once i fill to the right level and snug it up and test it and it seems to come out of the top? is this normal? this is a sealed unit right? there are 2 o rings I could replace? please help im so close to moving on to next project.