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  1. All three all stock engines. Keeping your oil/air filter changed and doing regular maintenance is key, also not beating on it all the time. My mother had a 91 pontiac bonneville sse with 350,000 on it original motor, trans and CV joints, sold the car and the next owner drive it another 100,000 before they sold it.
  2. If it feels too good to be true then it generally is too good to be true. You can spend alot of money rebuilding a new 4 stroke especially if you have to pay someone to do it. If cost of ownership is a problem I would stay with the two strokes. Coming off the old stuff I think a newer 250 year 2000 and up would be good for you and in your price range. I would get something as new as I could just for the better suspension and parts availability. I have seen 05 250's go for $1800 or less.
  3. 2000drz400e

    2003 RM250 OR MID 90'S KDX200?

    I might be wrong, but that really looks alike a KDX 250 and not a 200 see the sticker on the swing arm and the inverted forks. I would say RM with an auto clutch for the tight stuff.
  4. 2000drz400e

    2001 Dodge vs 2000 Toyota

    Those year Dodge transmissions are bad unless you do some work to them (trans cooler, shift kit, etc.) My dodge 00 durango 5.2 has been through 3 transmissions. Also after 150,000 or so it will start to burn oil. But with maintanence you can keep it going, got 245,000 on mine and still rolling. Can't speak for the toyota.
  5. Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to trucks, it's like coke vs pepsi and then theirs always the guy that likes RC! In my experience reliablity is alot how you treat your truck and some luck of the draw. Me personnaly (in 1/2 ton trucks) I have always liked chevrolets. That is mainly because I do all my own maintenance and chevys have just been cheaper and easier too work on than others (but that's not saying that I haven't had to work on them). They can all be good trucks my brother has 260,000 on his chevy, I have 245,000 on a dodge and a friend has 280,000 on a ford. Equally, I have know people that have ruined all brands of trucks. I think the F150 5.0 would be a great truck or you could get a used eco boost closer to you price. I really like dodges ideas with the 8 speed trans and air ride for better MPG, but first year stuff is always has growing pains. I would wait for chevys new engines to come out in 2014 models. So all I can say is test drive them all and go with what you like. P.S. If you really need space, power and good MPG then get a 2500 diesel. I know people with dodges and chevys getting mid 20's on the highway and 17-18 in town, towing 18,000 lbs 14-15 MPG. But maintenance cost are much higher, fuel is more and most require alittle mods to get better MPG (exhaust, intake and programmer.) So it's all give and take you just have to decide what your needs are and find something that will work for you.
  6. 2000drz400e

    Cold starting problems

    Would you think the leak could be from the port on the intake? Any thoughts on what jet size I should be running? Its all stock jets, has Eddies mod to pumper, needle on the 5th spot from the top and fuel screw 2 1/4 turns out Didn't think that for a second. I am very greatful to all of you for your time and help. P.S. Should I be worried about the one tight intake valve all the others are in spec just the left intake is tight, will it work its way in?
  7. 2000drz400e

    Cold starting problems

    The enrichener is still on, I have had it apart and the lines are all good and clear.
  8. 2000drz400e

    TPC 450 R Conversion. Anyone seen these yet?

    Oldroder that is one of the best looking three wheelers I have ever seen thanks for the pics.
  9. 2000drz400e

    Cold starting problems

    I have cleaned the carb several times still the same. Plus if it was the jet clogged I would think it would run crappy hot or cold. I only have a hard time cranking it cold.
  10. 2000drz400e

    Cold starting problems

    It has a Choke, does not seem to make a difference until its running. Once it's running the choke picks up the idle but that's it. I have tried pumping the throttle makes no difference and I have checked the pumper is working. Just endless cranking, pumping throttle, choke on then off, throttle cracked, throttle wide open. If there is a trick to it I have not found it. What is so painful is that once its hot or its hot weather then no problems starting at all just developed in cold weather. It has all stock jets and the fuel screw is 2 1/4 turns out, I tried 2 1/2 did not make a difference.
  11. 2000drz400e

    Cold starting problems

    Hi guys If this has been talked about before sorry; I am new and searched, but didn't find an answer. So here we go, I have a 2000 DRZ400E with the slant body FCR, all stock except for eddies mod, 2 1/4 turns out on the air screw and needle set at the 5th spot from the top. Since the weather has turned cold it is a bitch to start, just spins over forever pops alittle. If I can get it to start and warm up it does fine, starts the time you hit the button. Also after it gets hot the idle seem to hang high for 10-15 seconds then comes back down. I have cleaned the carb several times, change the plug, cleaned the air filter and no change. I checked the valves and the left intake valve is a little tight the other three are in spec. All I can think is that it needs to be rejetted or that one valve adjusted. Any help would be great. Thanks P.S. I am in Florida At 70 ft above sea level.
  12. 2000drz400e

    Oil coming out of vent tube?

    Thanks for the help guys you where right to much oil in the bike. Drained the frame and motor and there was maybe 4qts in there, so I feel smart.
  13. 2000drz400e

    Oil coming out of vent tube?

    Thanks of the thoughts guys. As soon as I get back home to work on it, I will let you know what I find.
  14. 2000drz400e

    Does anyone use Shell Rotella syn. 15-40

    I never ran the synthetic Rotella, but I ran the regular 15-40w in my street bike for year, so did my brother with no problems. My TL1000R had 21,xxx miles and my bros super hawk had 38,xxx on it when we sold them and both bike are still running strong today. I also used to run it in my 02 ktm250exc two stroke. No problems there either.
  15. 2000drz400e

    Oil coming out of vent tube?

    Yes its the hose that routes under the seat and goes by the air box but does not go into the airbox. The hose connects to the top left of the little black box on the right side of the bike. The box has two other hoses, one going to the valve cover and the other going to the bottom of the cylinder. I pulled the box and the hoses and blew them all out and they where clear, also blew out the valve cover and cylinder port. I check the oil cold with the bike on the side stand. I have no idea how many miles the motor has on it. The manual timing chain adjuster is in pretty far, a couple two or three full turns from being bottomed out. But the bike runs great, it starts easy, doesn't smoke out the exhaust and the one time I rode it, it felt strong. When it is idling I can fell air coming out of the same vent hose almost like an exhaust pipe (has the same rhythem as the exhaust), but no oil comes out. Then when you hold the revs up it fills the black box full of oil and it starts coming out of the vent tube. Its not draining back into the motor some how or the motor is building up to much internal pressures and holding the oil out. Is there any other vents that might be stopped up?