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    Stealth (quiet) muffler

    2-stroke does not resonate as far, you are correct. But this is not a 2-stroke vs 4-stroke discussion. I own a non-street legal KDX200 (kdxfan) that is much more fun! But this is THUMPERtalk, and a CRF230F is my favorite street legal ride for exploring. 4-stroke is smoother for street and it's what I prefer. Anyway, the snorkel redirects the 4-stroke's famous low volume resonance downward where it is absorbed into the ground so the sound does not carry for miles. The snorkel doesn't make the bike whisper quiet, just redirects the reverb into the ground. I posted the part# because I was surprised how clean and convenient this radiator hose fits the CRF230F tailpipe for those wanting stealth!
  2. I understand why some people remove the baffle in a quest for more power on these little bikes. Some other people, like me, enjoy these little bikes for exploring and need quiet and stealth to maintain a low profile. Here is a great part from NAPA (radiator hose) that fits like a glove onto the end of a CRF230F tailpipe with a simple hose clamp. The purpose is to re-direct the sound into the ground where it cannot travel any great distance. I had to cut the radiator hose clamp wit a hacksaw to get the right section and length I wanted, I'm sure it could be cut cleaner. I also made SURE to have the spark arrestor AND baffle properly installed. And to go a step further, I replaced all the gaskets in the exhaust with new ones and installed the air box lid (with snorkel removed) and re-jetted. After about 200 miles, the high temperature radiator hose is holding up flawlessly. The bike runs GREAT and, really, I didn't notice a huge difference in power delivery. But, it's quiet. Here is my bike with the new snorkel installed in a "low profile" riding area.
  3. kdxfan

    250R motor in 150RB frame?

    I was browsing around looking for any information about the crf 250 junior-x from service honda. there isnt a whole lot out there except a website where you can order the bike from http://servicehonda.com/honda-2010-models/junior-x I totally get shortrider873 point about wanted something lower to the ground that fits without giving up ground clearance and suspension travel. service honda bikes are too expensive for me (9-10k) but i would love to chop up a crf150r big wheel and install a 250x motor with e-start. anyone up in northern West Virginia or surrounding area fabricates these?