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  1. BIzbauer

    Yamaha WR250F (2005)


    Great bike, love the weight and power. Stable handling
  2. BIzbauer

    Yamaha WR250F 2005

    Bought in a state, slowly getting it back to decent running order...
  3. BIzbauer

    Hot Start Plunger Help

    Thanks meWR250f, that's a real help and you're right - it was a pain in the neck to get it screwed in straight. Good idea about the aluminium cap, the plastic one won't take more than a few more removals before it's trashed again!
  4. Hi y'all, I've just had to replace my whole hot-start cable and associated gubbins from my '05 WR250F and while ordering the parts I noticed a seal (part 42 on the attached diag of the carb) which I can't work out where it goes....can anyone help? The old one was perished and the valve and plunger trashed so have no reference... It looks like it might go around the plunger (#37) but methinks that would stop air getting into the hot-start valve hole, deeming it useless.... Hope someone's had to do the same and can help me out
  5. Hi all, I've seen loads of questions and answers on where to find and how to fit rear brake light switches but as far as I can see, no-one's talking about the front! I've got a second-hand fairly beat up WR250F which I'm halfway through rebuilding and noticed there's no front brakelight switch; has anyone got any ideas where to get one as all the ones on eBay seem to be banjo-bolt switches for the rear? Is it a more straightforward microswitch (like the clutch switch) that I should be looking for? Cheers