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  1. I ran the Elsinore Grand Prix a couple weeks ago, and running it pretty hard through the silt and sand, and laid it on its side trying to climb the widowmaker (big sandy/rocky hill). While I was sitting at the base of the hill waiting to take another shot at it, suddenly I had steam coming up from the bottom of my motor. Im pretty sure I just had water coming out of the overflows, bouncing off the skidplate, and hitting the hot motor. I shut it down immediately hoping to avoid hurting anything. What, if anything, could be wrong? And what should I check to make sure everything is ok?
  2. In the middle of putting the clutch back together on my 2001 yz426, and cant remember what the 6 springs are supposed to be torqued to. Cant get to my manual until the end of the day, and would like to get it finished. Does anyone have the torque specs? Thanks
  3. Well, it's been quite a while since I've been on. With working, finishing school, and trying to start a career life has been crazy. You guys were right, the dogs on 3rd, 4th, and 5th were all rounding off and causing my problem. It seems to me that the dog-to-dog design between 3rd and 4th gears is a weak design. Replaced all three along with the shift fork and now she shreds like shes brand new. Thanks for all the help. -Chris
  4. Working on a friend's XR, and don't have a manual handy. Does someone have a picture or diagram of the wiring to the headlight? Its a mess on this one, and I think I have it sorted out, but I'd like to make sure. Thanks
  5. I thought about the 450 being a 4 speed not long after I posted that, and felt a bit stupid for asking. I'm planning on tearing it down this weekend and assessing the damage. Thanks for all the help
  6. Are the gears model specific? Or could I use a set out of another bike? For example, an '03 yz450
  7. Well, I had it out this weekend in Glamis. I didnt feel any feedback whatsoever when shifting into 4th and holding the shifter up, but I noticed that under a load (like when I was actually duning it) I would try to shift from 3rd, just barely click 4th, and go straight to 5th like I have been since the problem started, and it would mis-shift horribly in 4th. Looks like I'll be tearing it back down and splitting the cases this weekend.
  8. If it were forcing itself out of gear under a load would it rev like spartan426 said? Also would it only go back into gear if I let off? Because it's doing it continuously while I'm on the throttle and not revving at all
  9. This weekend I'll be testing to see if when I hold the shifter up into 4th, it tries to kick back out. The pictures were great thanks, Ill definitely use those for reference if I tear it back down again. The only thing that makes me question it, is the bike doesnt rev up when it cuts out, I would imagine that if it were slipping out of gear, it would rev like yours did, but it completely cuts out, like all the power to the motor is gone. Thank you
  10. If this is the case, is there a way to fix them? Or am I going to have to buy new gears?
  11. Thank you for the help, I was really hoping I wouldn't have to tear it back down again, but this is the most helpful answer I've received yet.
  12. Would there be some sort of mechanical sound involved when this happens? I can't hear anything at all, which led me to believe it was electrical. Also, I have not noticed any problem at all in 3rd, but I did notice some wear on the shift fork when I had it apart, but did not think that was it.
  13. Yeah, all the teeth on all the gears looked great. It feels like an electrical issue, like the power just cuts out and comes back, but it seems odd that it would only be when I accelerate in 4th
  14. Update, Ive tried unplugging the neutral switch, unplugging the tp sensor on the side of my carb, completely removed my e-line lighting coil, removing the resistor from the spark plug wire, and pulling the coil and cleaning all the mounting points and the connection for the small wire on the bottom. When I ride it, 1st-3rd cruise and accelerate perfectly. 4th, if I am literally just cruising, barely have the throttle open enough to keep it running, it runs fine, but as soon as I go to accelerate, as soon as I open the throttle, it starts to miss and skip. 5th seems to be fine, even when I try to accelerate, but I cannot get to the top of 5th in the short distance I have here to work with.