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    The 350 EXC-F in the US has stock front 14 and rear 45 which is way too high for any northeast woods riding. I put a 13 on the front for quick drop, in gearing using the stock chain. The result had me enjoy 70+mph on the street. First gear still felt much like a woods bikes second gear. It requires a lot of clutch slipping for really tight, tip toe style of riding which is used when you are in some bone yard rock garden uphill trail. I tossed on a 48 in the rear to max out the length of stock chain. The riding on the street shows that the lower gearing means you spend very little time in a gear. The bike revs quicker and requires and upshift in no time. In the woods this means you don't stretch out the gear you are in and get to ride at differing speeds while running the same gear. The 350's low end does allow you to really get away with lower engine speed to pull you out of tight stuff. Lowering the gearing makes the bike a bit more manic as you rev quicker and need to shift more often. It also translates to the feeling of more torque. The top speed dropped a good 10 miles an hour in the 13-48. This is fine for me as I don't ride far on the street and only use it for transfers or short rides from my house to the trail head. I've noticed that descending on a nasty trail in the 13-48 first gear isn't much different than the 13-45. It doesn't have the decel-braking ability a shorter geared bike has. Slow plodding up a nasty trail in first gear still requires a lot of clutch slip. I'm going to ride the 13-48 more in the woods to see if I like it. It may be the compromise between street legal speeds and woods riding.
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    2012 KTM 350 EXC-F

    My dealership puts on Cycra Alloy Pro bar guards and a flatlands engine guard on the bike before they leave the shop. Included in the out the door price. So I paid another couple hundred for mine but it came with those on. I am waiting on delivery right now. Has anyone changed the gearing to more woods riding? Anyone around 200lbs change their stock springs for more appropriate spring rates? Any other mods before hitting the woods?
  3. Thomas DeLoriea

    Waiting for my 12' 350 EXC-F

    I'm in the same boat as you. Waiting for mine to arrive. I was told early March or end of February. With the weather being really mild here in New England this winter I want to ride too. Talked to the dealer two days ago to see if the arrival status changed. He said it will be the end of February. I predict a huge snow fall that weekend. Did you get yours yet? Change anything with gearing, add-ons??
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    350 EXC vs 500 EXC

    I recently put a deposit on the 350 after sitting on both the 350 and 500. When I was a kid I thought bigger was better and bought an 1100cc street bike. That thing was so fast that I never got to use its full potential. When I got into club road racing I raced on a Kawi Ninja 500. That crappy turd of a bike had me passing guys riding on 1000's on the tight NHIS track. I used all the potential of the Kawi EX500 on the racetrack and never felt "behind the bike". You know that feeling? Sitting on the 500 and the 350 was a tell tale for me. The extra weight on the 500 feels really high in the chassis. I moved to the 350 and picked it up and immediately thought it was 30 pounds lighter. With my location being in the New England part of the US the 350 is ideal for woods duty and the occasional pop out onto public roads. Reasons I picked the 350 Noticeable weight difference I like using the whole motor and stretching the throttle cable rather than shy with the throttle Northeastern US is tight! No room to stretch a 500’s legs