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  1. Trying to get my new purchase up and going. 81 suzuki GN400 It's a little hard to get started but it was about 40* today. Once started she revs up and holds at 4k rpm with choke off. I let it get warm. Once warm idle holds around 4k. If I rev it, it hesitates a tad, gives a small burble out of the exhaust then it will drop down to something reasonable...then it will begin rising again. Sometimes it wall fall from 4k on its own but then die (probably because I have not been able to set the idle screw). Choke only increases the problem, and while driving it runs fine above 2k. Pulled the brand new plug out and its black with a white/grey tip. Carb has been cleaned by myself and by a shop. I'm thinking a vacuum leak? Are there any vacuum lines that should be plugged in? Does the diaphram on the side need adjusted? Help! Edit* I remember taking off the intake to cylinder head boot. I never checked that oring that I bet is busted.... Ordered a new one.
  2. Hello everyone, Been wanting a bike for so long. I even strapped a 80cc two stroke motor on a bicycle once to spite my parents. Well, with taxes done and a decent return and other bills recently paid off... I decided now is the best time. I picked this up for fairly cheap. It's an 81 Suzuki GN400x. 3,092 miles on it Insurance is 200$ (I'm 21 fyi) I've got my helmet, jacket, and pants on order at my local shop. Carb is being cleaned by them currently as well. Going monday to register it. Safety course March 1st.... That's gonna be a LONG three weeks.