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  1. PudgyOTE

    DRZ125 + Keihin PE Series Carbs

    Wow thanks guys. I'll be out of town today and can't get that pic like I'd hoped to. However, great ideas! I'll try tipping slightly, denting my frameage and I actually am going to upgrade my entire throttle through Motion Pro. They have a great kit that includes the actual on/kill/start switch housing as well as a proper new cable and a new throttle tube. I'm going to look into getting some small copper tubing for like refrigerator coolant or something like that and possibly epoxying the bend into the top of my cap. I'll figure something out. I also think I'm gonna stretch that spring a little bit just to give it some more return power. If you advise against this for whatever reason let me know and I'll take your word for it, you guys are supreme in the pursuit of knowledge and I appreciate all your help!
  2. PudgyOTE

    DRZ125 + Keihin PE Series Carbs

    Bruce, I'll post a pic tomorrow. Any ideas on fabbing my own 45-90 degree cable adapter?
  3. PudgyOTE

    DRZ125 + Keihin PE Series Carbs

    Hey! Sorry I've been away, awesome stuff. I actually went out and epoxied aluminum tubing to my PE24 because of that post by dr_drz. I recently installed my carb and when I roll my throttle (with the bike off) the slide won't return unless I roll my throttle back to closed. My throttle cable is old and probably kinked or something, or could the slide spring be too weak? It honestly looks like a dinky little spring, maybe stretch it?
  4. PudgyOTE

    DRZ125 + Keihin PE Series Carbs

    Give me a link to your build thread Thanks for the luck No experience eh? Well... You know what? I'll get it working and post a ton of info on here and then people can have 3 carbs to choose from. I bet this carb will be dope, I chose this carb because the Mikunis were sold out, back ordered and the warehouse in *wherever* was flooded.
  5. PudgyOTE

    DRZ125 + Keihin PE Series Carbs

    OI 500XC! How you been man?! I've been good =3 I started taking friends bikes and doing work on them, got a part time job and now my daughter will be born in 13 days - so I've been neglecting my bike(s). But recently I started getting back onto my GN125 tracker project and basically I've got it down to the frame and I'm planning on getting this carb dialed in. I'm going to call BBR tomorrow and see if the throttle cable and throttle assembly will work properly for my application (it will). Frankly I want to get my front end done: handlebars, controls, throttle assembly and shortening my forks. BUT: First things first, the carburetor - I need to get the bike running perfectly before I go any further or invest anymore money.
  6. I want a good solid thread about people's experiences with this carb on this bike specifically. I've been so desperate for information I've tried PMing people to no avail and have totally scavenged the forum for someone with some solid information and still to only find bits and pieces. So basically, if you have done this carb swap or if you know of someone who has done this carb swap can you tell everyone your experience or observations and be as accurate as possible. For example, what mods were on the bike, what size carb, what jetting on the carb, elevation, etc.. I hope this thread gets some posts! I bought a Keihin PE24 for my little GN125 and I'm going to order a throttle cable and throttle tube for it soon and will contribute my own information. Thanks in advance! Pudgy
  7. PudgyOTE

    oil problem on 81 xl 500

    Yeah I think the valve cover is a liquid gasket i.e. Hondabond etc.. High temperature silicone. So it's definitely an easy fix, pop that cover off, scrape the gasket surface with a razor and reapply some liquid gasket. Post a picture if you can as well, just for accuracy.
  8. PudgyOTE

    oil problem on 81 xl 500

    Hey dadon, sorry to hear about your bummer, but I'd think it's safe to say you've got a problem with your gasket. So by rockers you're referring to your valve cover or the mating surface between the valve cover and the cylinder? (cylinder head). It sounds like a gasket problem, but since you're gonna be taking these parts off to do a gasket replacement you might as well go a little further. You could run a compression test and make sure your rings are healthy, then pop that cylinder head off, do a gas leak test on the valves, re-lap valves if needed, reinstall your cylinder head and valve cover, check clearances and bam you're done. This way you know you're top end is dialed and you can move on to other things.
  9. Nobody has changed a pre '96 carbs? Nobody has even heard of someone doing that?
  10. Anbody switched carbs on a pre-'96? Anyone know of a bolt on switch or nearly bolt on switch? Anyone know if the Procycle Mikuni TM40 kit will work on a pre-'96? Thanks guys!
  11. PudgyOTE

    DRZ125 intake help

    What did you end up doing for jetting?
  12. PudgyOTE

    Help!! BOGGING!!

    Did you ever figure out the problem? How would you rate the PE24? Worth the cheap price they go for?
  13. PudgyOTE

    DRZ125 & PE24 carb

    Bruce did you ever find a PE24? Scarce info about people's successes.
  14. PudgyOTE

    Non-stock carbs, who uses what?

    But isn't that a VM26? I thought you said it'd be too big for my 125. Is there something wrong with a PE24? Most of the people who posted using them on their DRZs seemed to have an easy time jetting them. I'm picking your wisdom here, not being arrogant. So lemme have it!
  15. I was thinking maybe people could post their specs for future PE24 users. I want to buy one and ProCycle wants to know what jets I want, maybe someone can help me get a basic idea. I've got a 1982 GN125 (DR125, SP125 - same diff) with an 11:1 CR piston and a Hot Cams stage 2. Stock Keihin PE24 comes with: #100 Main Jet #58 Slow Jet 36S00 Needle 4.0 Throttle Valve (Slide)