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    DOT yanked my plates today (CRF250X and XR400R)

    The same thing just happened to me with my XR600 here in Wisconsin! I'm so pissed! I got the letter from the DOT stating that they wanted a picture of the "Federal Certification Label" stating that the bike is manufactured for Road Use. I called her and explained that the bike was converted to street legal and she didn't care. She says there are no conversions and if it wasn't manufactured for highway use then it isn't legal and whoever titled it for me in Wisconsin made a mistake. I wasn't given any option for an inspection or anything to keep it legal. So now I'm SOL and I'm looking for a new bike I can ride on the road. What a disapointment. I can't find anything in the price range that's anywhere as cool as my XR. The title was already street legal when I got it and it was also a Wisconsin Title! She told me about their new software that they are using to search over existing VIN #'s to find off road bikes on the road. Good Luck to all of you that are currently titled and I hope this epidemic doesn't spread over the nation... I might call a lawyer to see if the laws here are really preventing this. I just can't believe that poeple are able to run around in Cali with plated CR500's and I get my 4stroke plate pulled. Not that I have any problem with a plated CR500 I do think that is awesome by the way! I wish I could make one fly down the street too... So I've been searching through supermotos but most of them are converted titles also and I don't want to risk having another title cancelled on me.