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  1. I took the carb off and took out all the jets and everything and put it in a parts washer bucket overnight. Last night I put it all back together and installed on bike. It will start and sort of idle but will not accelerate when giving it gas. Adjusted the mixture screw according to the manual (1 3/4 turns out from seated) and checked everything again. The same problem still exists. Does anyone have any guesses?
  2. I recently picked up a 2001 TTR 90. It was missing the airbox so I picked one up on ebay. The bike runs pretty good without the airbox installed but will not accelarate with the airbox in place. I had the carb off already and cleaned it out, it was pretty clean in there already. The float seat is bad I think, so gas drips out the overflow tube. I have looked all over for a rebuild kit and cannot find one. I found jets and parts but not an actual kit. Is there such a thing for this bike? Also there is a vent tube or something on top of the airbox. I have no idea where this goes. I thought they usually went to somewhere on the motor but I cannot find a spot anywhere on this thing. Looked through the manual but nothing is really clear. Any help would be appreciated.