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  1. Cary_PT

    2012 ktm 350 wont start

    I put a direct 12v to the pump....no go.
  2. Cary_PT

    2012 ktm 350 wont start

    no go. I have disassembled the fuel take "guts". something here is a fuel pump. should I be here? how do I check the pump? thank you, Cary_PT
  3. Cary_PT

    2012 ktm 350 wont start

    ok. now I have cleaned the injector and changed the fuel filter. i'll put her back together and see how it goes. cary
  4. my 350sxf has been sitting for a while. I tried to crank but she wont start. changed gas and checked plug...still wont start. I think that the fuel pump used to make a "spooling up" sound when cranking, but I don't hear that noise. should the fuel pump make noise after releasing the start button? again, i'm not sure if I am remembering this correctly. any suggestions on what to do next? the bike has about a 1.5 hours on it. thanks for the help in advance! cary
  5. Cary_PT

    What Do Pros Earn for Winning?

    When the purse $ is more significant and further then more participants can continue to race. Many racer give up on professional racing prematurely because they can not cover their expenses. Racers themselves bring fans. The larger reward produces an incentive for more racers to try to become a pro. More racers make more fans. More racers generate and grow industries associates with racing which grow the fan base. I love supercross and motocross. I want to see it work better for everyone involved. Supercross needs a UNION.
  6. Cary_PT

    What Do Pros Earn for Winning?

    You think the guys in the NFL, NHL, NBA, NBPA are all lazy? ...no. They are smart. Motocross and supercross could learn a lot from these players' unions. csh
  7. Cary_PT

    What Do Pros Earn for Winning?

    The money does not go deep enough. The pro purse should go deeper and further into the racing field. The whole motorcycle industry would benefit from a larger racing and fan base if the $$ went further. including retailers, and local track owners. The young pro's trying to make it are getting little while some fat cat promoters are making the money without the risk. SUPERCROSS NEEDS a UNION!! consider how much money is generated from ticket sales and concessions alone. I just bought 7 tickets to the ATL supercross race for 55 bucks each. assume $30 ave price for 71,228 seats = $2,136,840. +concessions and a lot of sponsor money and TV rights etc..... clearly, supercross needs a UNION. csh
  8. Cary_PT

    No oil on dip stick. 08 YZ450

    i have the same problem with my 2006 YZ450F. i havent had oil on the dip stick (i follow the owners' manual instructions) for 34 hours now. i am very meticulous with maintenance. this problem started after i rebuilt the engine. the oil pump went to pieces, destroying transmission gears, etcetera. i assume that the oil passages are blocked. now i have a new problem that just started. the engine crankcase vent hose is blowing a lot of oil out of the top of the engine. i will check passages etc to see what is going on.... tear down if necessary if no obvious obstructions. anyone have an idea why the crankcase vent hose is blowing most of the engine oil out? carypt