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  1. TomTom777

    Digital tachometer for XR650l

    Slip, that is some good looking work!
  2. TomTom777

    Digital tachometer for XR650l

    Where did you get that? That is awesome!!
  3. TomTom777

    650l head issues (valve guide dropped)

    Sorry, I typo'd everything. Checking fleabay and writing this up. It was the valve seat* and we were worried about ka blooey all over my new je piston
  4. Sooo, rebuild time. Had it re sleeved, now go to lap the valves and exaust seal dropped. Has play and just falls in and out. No cracks. My thought was to put shim stock in there, .004", and press it back in. Now it seems recessed about .010" +/- .003". Something that looks like the tappet can adjust out. Who else has done this? I really dont want to spring for a new head. Ive got about $700 in this build already. Any help would be appreciated! P.s. if anyone has a head they wanna get rid of I think I can help with that!
  5. TomTom777

    3D Printed Dakar Fairing, guaging interest

    Sounds awesome!
  6. TomTom777

    Stage 1 hot cam

    When I did mine I inspected the rockers and they were in good shape, so I rolled with them. Had kibblewhite steel springs with about 2-4k miles on them so I was satisfied. Did the install myself, must say with stock carb its mundane on the bottom and top, but midrange was a nice improvement. Now that I went and did a fcr conversion, wheelies for days I have noticed its a little more valve clatter, but it runs fine so screw it. I was paranoid so I kept checking, and they were fine. When I assembled It, i slathered everything with lucas oil stabilizer, and the only thing in my oil after the initial oil change is the clutch I was eating on the trails. Stock gearing is gone now, so its happy again.
  7. I just finished doing a fcr, and a acerbis tank on my 01. I have a 101mm 10.5:1 weisco, hotcam, k&n and slip on. When I first went to crank it, it spun faster and wouldn't crank. It DID spin faster. I was like wtf?!?!?!?!?!?! But, then i got smart and checked the valves.. they were off.. go figure. Then fired up and with STOCK gearing, I almost shat myself over the response! But now she is down again. It seems one of my exhaust valves has a issue. Weather its in the tappet or not is beyond me. If your sitting on the bike, the right side valve likes to stay down, only since I cammed it. I have Kibblewhite steel springs with about 4k on them. so I don't think its them. But idk. but i adjusted it, ran it, did it again and it seemed to be back up to correct height. Go to fire it up today after final adjustment. it backfires and i lose all comp. I hope i didn't kill the head. but we will find out soon. If you went with the Acerbis tank did you have a helluva time getting it on? I seen after it heat cycles it is easier to slip off and on.
  8. TomTom777

    Keeping Piggies Cool (all in one)

    What about ceramic coating the head pipe? Has anyone done that? I've been considering it once I get a header. In theory it sounds like a good idea
  9. First of all I want to say, thank you all for always helping out! Y'all Rock! But I was wanting to start this thread to keep all the info for keeping the bikes as cool as possible. Any info is appreciated. Just little tips and tricks. Currently I'm trying to find a oil cooler, and a big fin kit, but it seems not to be on xr's only website anymore.. Thanks everyone
  10. TomTom777

    Riddle me this (not start issue)

    Yeah disassembled it, checked every jet, and made sure that wouldent be a issue
  11. TomTom777

    Riddle me this (not start issue)

    Im thinking comp should be about 160plus with the 10.5 piston
  12. TomTom777

    Riddle me this (not start issue)

    Not a bump. Jack diddly squat. I meant the leak jet at first. Im going to check the valves again just to see if they wrenched down on themselves. Im really worried it jumped time. I really don't want to pull the motor out again
  13. TomTom777

    Riddle me this (not start issue)

    Constant blue perfect spark. I have been messing with the mix screw and nothing
  14. 2001 650l 10.5 to 1 piston Stage 1 cam Slip on K&n Juat replaced the factory shit carb which kept flooding the bike last year, ran up to about 4500rpm then started dying off. So it got parked. Just got a fcr, did dotcom's jetting. But now she wont run on ether.. had a couple bumps yeaterday but flooded it. I got about 300mi (if that) since I did valves last, and she has spark. Any insight?
  15. TomTom777

    Passenger pegs for sale?

    Yup!! And there was nothing on the classifieds :- I hope we dont lol! There were no ads on the classifieds. But that would be greatly appreciated!