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  1. I was just going to say, my wife at 5'0" was very comfortable sitting on/test riding a Ducati M695. Of course they only made them for like two years so good luck finding one, but I kick myself for not having bought her one when we had the chance. I know I know, you already went with the Blast which I cannot speak poorly of, either, you should love it. Good luck finding replacement pegs, though. Check out, the guy is a huge Ducati nut but he has been getting into every generation & model of Buell's over the last couple of years, including Blasts. IIRC he comes back from military service in May and should open up for business again. For the record, the 390 Duke would also be a great option. I've been riding for over 25 years and just got one last year, it is waaay more fun than any liter class sportbike I've ever owned, but still can be very docile if you are new to the street.
  2. Wow, I remember the 640 Duke as the bike that made me want to get away from cruisers and onto something sporty but not full on supersport bike. Now that I have a 390 Duke, and looking back at yours it is amazing how far KTM has come in terms of aesthetics. Still good looking (and I still want either a Duke I or II) but it looks so much more like a converted dirtbike than a true streetbike. Glad you found a bike to fit your needs. It makes all the difference in what kind of experience you end up having during each ride if you really "get" your bike.
  3. Nice, congratulations! Bike looks fantastic.
  4. Hey hey, I am working on an S65, same vintage. Check out for some parts, also check out for vintage Honda singles advice. Otherwise there are a bunch of online retailers that carry vintage Honda stuff, and a lot of it crosses over years and models (CT, ST, 50, 65, 70, 90, 110, etc). Or there is always eBay. Post up some pictures, would love to see what yours looks like.
  5. Eliminate one problem, expose the next weak point, eliminate that one, lather rinse repeat. Looking at the picture of the all the new parts, I am eager to see where the Dr Pepper bottle opener goes!
  6. I for one love build threads, glad to hear you sorted out the top end issues.
  7. #HarryPotter In GOF why didn't Professor Dumbledore use the pensive to review Harry's memory instead of making him relive/tell the story?

  8. Got my tag in the mail today, thank doG for the state of Vermont.
  9. In fact we were looking for a moped for her but down here the hipster demographic has driven the price of shagged out 'peds through the roof, everyone thinks they are going to race at the Detroit Thunderdrome or some shit. Either that or they know that lots of people use them as DUI scoots and when you have a desperate, captive buyers market you can charge what you want. This was a chance in a million, though I would have preferred a CB100 or 125 just for a little more umph if she's going to be riding in traffic, but you cannot beat the classic style of this bike.
  10. Got this bike for a few bills for my daughter to ride. Like with any craigslist deal I was skeptical of the pictures but once I showed up I had to hide my excitement at how nice it looked. Through an act of blind accident and karma the bike, despite having been owned by people who knew nothing about it except "it was grandpa's" have managed to keep rust and deterioration away from it. A little fettling with the carb and I had it running around the neighborhood less than 30 minutes after getting it home. Slowly the parts are trickling in, throttle cable, brakes, little pieces here and there but overall its pretty complete. I may never find a front fender as they were plastic and apparently quite brittle even when new, but otherwise I am going to have a hard time parting with it when my daughter's birthday comes around.
  11. Wow, awesome barn find. Yes it would be worth fixing up if for no other reason than because it would be highly unlikely that you would ever find another one. Check out for more information and probably a few folks from Japan who have them as well. Seriously, I hope you hung on to it, if not drop me a line and I'd take it off your hands.
    Needed a replacement engine when I got it. Plan t o finish the resto this coming summer
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    Needed a replacement engine when I got it. Plan t o finish the resto this coming summer
    Super cool little vintage coffeeshop bike. Needs very little to get back up to snuff.
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    Super cool little vintage coffeeshop bike. Needs very little to get back up to snuff.