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  1. hypo069

    012 ktm 300 idles high after beach work?

    Problem solved, thanks guys, very much appreciated.
  2. hypo069

    012 ktm 300 idles high after beach work?

    Just an update I bumped up the mj from a 165 to a 168 mj,35 to 40pj, swapped from red to yellow pv spring and went down a clip on a n2zj to clip 4. It was running good apart from the pj, no matter how much time I spent playing with the a/f screw I couldn't get it nice and crisp on the bottom so I put the 35pj back in. I have a 38pj on the way so when I get my hands on that sucker I will throw it in and see if I can make it work. I am going for a blap tomorrow so I will update tomorrow night.
  3. hypo069

    Motul 800 v Motorex

    Very informative sbest. Exactly the answer I was looking for as 90% of people swear than motul 800 is the one and only though other company's put just as much or more r&d into research than motul does. Ktm recommend Motorex so I think I will just stick with that product for now as you have just proved it is all in the jetting and quench distance than the specific type of oil. Thanks Sbest
  4. hypo069

    012 ktm 300 idles high after beach work?

    Hi dazza I haven't done anything apart from order a 168 main and 38 pilot, once they arrive I will throw them straight in and go from there. I raced an enduro on Sunday and most of the track was soft sand, it was revving a little high after a good caining but the guys there said it would be fine. I played with the a/f screw and was amazed how much of a difference it made to the bottom end with a noticeable amount of power. Once I rejett it will I have to change the needle?
  5. hypo069

    012 ktm 300 idles high after beach work?

    cheers for the reply's guys, first off it is only the second time it has happened in the 2000km i have put on the bike since new and im not really worried about it if it's not causing any damage as it only happens riding WOT in really soft sand but if it is causing damage i will play with my jetting, will changing the position of the needle make any difference? i am racing a enduro this weekend so after that i will pull the carby apart and give it a good clean but im not sure it needs it as the first time it idled high in sand occurred when it only had around 8hrs on the clock and i am super careful when filling the bike and change my air filter after every ride, still to this day there is no sign of dust in the air filter boot, the plug looks fine and there is no spooge at all, the bike is very responsive right through the rev range so i have not even thought about changing jetting and it also gets 90-100km on a tank so if i can avoid playing with it i will at this stage as i am not to clued up on the who jetting thing. I also ride at sea level if that makes any difference and i can ride slow technical stuff all day without it showing this symptom.
  6. hypo069

    Motul 800 v Motorex

    i ride mostly open desert type terrain so im always on the pipe. Most people i talk to prefer the motul so i might give it go as i am almost out of motorex.
  7. hypo069

    Motul 800 v Motorex

    Hey I was wondering which is the superior 2t oil. Which burns the best and leaves the least amount of carbon deposit.
  8. Hi guys my bike seems to idle a bit high after doing tough beach work. When i stop the idle stays little high for about 15 seconds then drops back to normal. Any suggestions on what is causing it to do this?
  9. hypo069

    500 XCW/EXC too much bike?

    I rode a 2012 500exc yesterday back to back with my 300 and I was quiet impressed. It had good power right through the rev range especially up top which surprised me though I don't think it's any faster than my 300 and the weight difference is very noticeable but the 500 is very easy to ride and is certainly a lazy mans bike. Top speed is the same with standard gearing both bikes toping out at 140kph and suspension settings feel the same. If I had to choose just I would stick with the 300.
  10. That is awesome scenery, you are certenly one lucky guy.
  11. hypo069

    jetting for procircut pipe?

    cheers guys.
  12. hypo069

    jetting for procircut pipe?

    That's good to know. I was holding off buying a ktm fmf pipe as I thought I would need to adjust my jetting. Would a PC pipe fit a akrapovic silencer or do u need a PC silencer?
  13. hypo069

    Tips for a DIY topend rebuild - 012 KTM300EXC

    Thanks heaps guys I am feeling pretty confident about the hole rebuild. I think I would struggle finding this type of info from any bike shop. Very much appreciated, especially you Maztech. Cheers
  14. hypo069

    Thinking about leaving my 450X for a 300 EXC

    i have ridden a 08 450x and a 04 300exc with around 2-3000kms on both bikes and the 300 is lightning fast for a bike with only a exhaust. The 300 has instant power where the 450x takes a bit to wind up and there is a obvious weight difference between the two. Servicing is also in favor of the 300 as u only need to change the trans oil every 500kms instead of changing engine and trans every 5 hours and no valves, cam & timing chain to worry about. Though it would be nice to own both bikes so u can jump the fence when u forget how much more fun a 2t is.
  15. Hey i am planning on doing a topend rebuild in the near future as i plan to hang onto my bike for another year or so. The bike will have around 40 to 50 hours on it when i perform the rebuild and this is the first topend rebuild attempt for me. Is there any little tricks i will need to know or special tools that will be required? also should i just do the rings or change the piston as well while i have the chance ( i ride in the desert so it is really dusty) and will the power valve give me any grief during the rebuild? Last of all, should i stick with the oem piston and ring or go aftermarket? Any advice would be very much appreciated as this is my first time. I had a look at a tutorial and this gave me a base idea what to expexct http://desertmx.com/maintenance/topend/topend.htm