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  1. Awesome plan to send my cylinder back when I do my next topend.
  2. Yea thought about that afterwards. Ohwell I'll try out wossner. I haven't heard much about wossner so I've been a bit hesitant to try them. Also I've always had good luck and experiences with wiseco. I've had to get parts from them for a few cars. Both cars are still running after countless passes at the drag strip with a lot of nitrous going through them. And the one time I had to call them directly was to get a piston for one of those cars because the company I ordered from sent 7 identical and 1 different. Wiseco sent me a new piston overnight mail to my house.
  3. Apparently EG and MT have separated. Spoke with MT today when I ordered my piston
  4. I don't doubt they have a good product. I've just always used wiseco for my 2 strokes with good results
  5. Unfortunately I may have to do that. I'd rather buy from Eric because I like wiseco pistons and it seems like millennium only carries a wossner in a 72mm. But I have a race next weekend so I guess I'll be giving wossner a try. Lol yea I just need a topend.
  6. Been trying to get in touch with Eric gorr for the past couple days. Haven't had any luck, I need a new topend for my yz but can't seem to order it from his site. And can't seem to get in touch with him to order either. Is there some other way to order it?
  7. Yea that's the plan. I've heard doing the swap will improve handling a bit also.
  8. Got a buddy selling a 2012 yz250f with a locked up motor. Extremely cheap, thinking of getting it and swapping the swingarm to my yz250. I'd have everything there to do it and can part out the good parts to make my money back. Also if you buy a tusk rear wheel you can swap it with the 09+ and the yz250 by changing the spacer blocks.
  9. I'm 6ft 205lbs ride a yz250, stock suspension is a bit soft for me so I had mine redone by factory connection for my height, weight, and skill level. Made a huge difference, and as far as power I can hit most jumps on a 125.
  10. I've heard of guys using the 2010+ yz450 swingarm and linkage on the yz250. Could I swap the swingarm and linkage from a 2010+ yz250f to my yz? Also where is everyone buying the restyle plastics to do the 2014+ plastics and airbox?
  11. I do hang around a few pros, in fact a couple of them were running top 10s in supercross and outdoors a few years back This is my 4th motor not by maintenance, it's my 4th because the motor hand grenaded every time. I do oil and oil filter every 3-4 hours, and air filter every ride. I have a yz250 2 stroke that i ride 90% of the time but I still like playing on the 250f every now and then. I also run engine ice and a 50 weight oil, but drop to a 40 weight if I go anywhere where it's pretty cold. I'm also bigger than most 250f riders, 6ft 200lbs. So I do have to ride the bike pretty hard constantly.
  12. cooler oil mean cooler engine temps, and in the summer that's a big thing here. It also ends up adding oil, more oil is a good thing, that will help the oil keep its viscosity longer. Motor #4 means 4th complete top and bottom end overhaul in maybe 100 hours. I'm also thinking of turning the bike into a motard. So it'd be used on the street for commuting. And before you say how fast someone is you might want to know who that person is.
  13. Well in southern la it's always hot, and I do ride my bike pretty hard. So I'm thinking this may help keep temps down some and intern help the life of my motor.
  14. I've heard good things from redline. I've just always had good luck from royal purple, in my drag cars, street bikes, dirt bikes (2stroke and 4stroke) and daily drivers. I haven't had any reason to change it.
  15. I'm on motor #4 in my yz250f and I'm trying to help it last a bit longer. Thinking an oil cooler could make a huge difference. I use royal purple in everything. Has zinc and high lead content, good for those high revving motors. And a leaded fuel, nice cushion for the valves.