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  1. RacerX711

    A, A-A, A/A, A/B - &%$#@!?

    There is a differance like the hot start cable is different between the 05 CRF450RA and the A/B i thought i had the A/B but come to find out i have the RA now i have to reorder the part so make sure what model you have check vin number to be sure what you have good luck
  2. RacerX711

    99 YZ250

    Thanks guys
  3. RacerX711

    99 YZ250

    I have an 04 YZ250 lost the cylinder but I have an 99 Yz250 with a new one on it will it interchange with the 04 if so what will I have to do with the power valves use the 99 or the 04