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  1. durtlurker

    San Felipe 250 - Comment worth reading

    Rules are rules. Transparency for penalties is a must. If the rules are made and someone is penalized for breaking a rule, then it should be made known as to what the infringement was and the accompanying penalty issued. The big question remains to be answered. How much time prior to race day is fair/needed to implement a rule with such impact? There were people who pre-ran for weeks, some spending thousands of dollars, only to have their complete race plan scrapped. I can guarantee that certain teams were given direct notice of the new rule and others were left to hear about it through word of mouth. If such a rule was to be implemented, a notification should be sent out via email at a minimum. Not buried at the bottom of multiple pages of existing race/event blabber. Just weeks prior to SF250, a rule regarding mandatory fuel purchases came out, but there was so much uproar within hours of the mention, they pulled it back and allowed this race to go unaffected.
  2. durtlurker

    Live Baja updates on the web?

    In a race like this, they should make it mandatory. The technology is there. Just imagine the increased online presence. A race like this has a lot at stake.
  3. durtlurker

    Live Baja updates on the web?

    Weren't there some talks of tracking for the 1000?
  4. durtlurker

    JCR - THR - KTM: Who will ride off with the 1x plate?

    As we get closer to the 1000, with SX and WORCS done, I bet Kawi will step up with whatever is needed to make this a game changer. With Destry joining in and 1x on the line (closer than ever) I see more support available than ever. You know KTM is doing whatever will be needed to make this a race. You know Johnny sure isn't standing around just praying to Jesus that thy will be done. This is gonna be a race!
  5. durtlurker

    JCR - THR - KTM: Who will ride off with the 1x plate?

    Class 22 Starting Order Chris Ridgway Mark Samuels Radek Burkat Kurt Caselli Warren Strange Arik Swan Robby Bell A.J. Stewart Jason Miller Colton Udall C.R. Gittere III
  6. durtlurker

    JCR - THR - KTM: Who will ride off with the 1x plate?

    Looks like Destry just committed to the THR team for the 1000. I think this gives them the upper hand now.
  7. As November quickly approaches, the 3 teams are beginning to focus on what will become a race of all races. What will be the winning strategy? Will the new IRC "live" trackers be in working order for the world to watch as the 3 teams chase each other's dust? In the end, the winner will proudly display the 1x plate. Who will it be and why?
  8. durtlurker

    Official BAJA 500 Updates thread

    So, is the live tracking for the bikes available? Any of the bikes?
  9. durtlurker

    - Too Early Yet?

    http://instagr.am/p/LUY_shylCW/ Looks like Mr. Coma forgot to fill his tank up before prerunning or he was testing the distance on it..... Pemex.....OXXO......not in Spain.
  10. durtlurker

    - Too Early Yet?

    Sneeky Sneeky......hopefully he doesn't have to get out of the helicopter (for an injured rider). Who will they have to communicate to the riders? Oh wait...they don't do that cause it is against the rules
  11. durtlurker

    - Too Early Yet?

    I think we will all be surprised at the number of Class 21 teams in the top 5 OA.
  12. durtlurker

    - Too Early Yet?

    I'll take that bet, with those odds. My bet is the winner named will be a person, navigating your said motorcycle.
  13. So...more than likely, none of the top teams will have the tracking
  14. durtlurker

    - Too Early Yet?

    I bet they do better than 5th OA.....They have a pretty solid team for the 500.
  15. durtlurker

    - Too Early Yet?

    Nice Video...I heard he was doing good and will be ready from one of his friends/sponsors. Realistically, until someone sees him flying by on a bike, just a rumor. I don't see BroBeck as a fit for KTM. Plus, he is riding on another team.....with some other people. If KC can't race and Quinn isn't ready, They better fork up some cash and secure someone fast. If the don't, the win in San Flippo is all for not. They have momentum for a possible 1x title...don't drop it by the wayside. Thoughts?