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  1. spohl1

    s-hac flashing while running

    ok you are correct, it is a iap sensor. everything in the manual i read says you need to hook up a battery to check codes, but i guess if the bike still runs they just show up while running. thanks
  2. spohl1

    s-hac flashing while running

    i have a 2015 rmz450, and the s-hac switch just started flashing while the bike is running. it seems to flash in a pattern (7 slow, space, 1, space, 8 slow) i stopped paying attention after that. looking in the manual there is no info on the shac other then a ohm test. and the fi self diagnostics uses a separate fi light and battery. no time right away to do anymore testing so just running it unplugged this weekend but thought i would see if anyone has any insight on this as i have not been able to find any info online.
  3. i damaged the inner and outer tubes of my 08 yz250 forks practicing for ice racing and i have access to a set of 04 yz250f parks forks. i know the internals arent even close but im wondering if the tubes are the same (i know the bottoms arent the same but i could swap them) i dont think they will work even though they are 48mm but im just curious because outer tubes are almost 600 from yamaha and inners are almost 500. any insight will be greatly appreciated