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  1. 99rangerxlt

    Xr70 only runs when tilted over help

    I don't think its the throttle but ill give it a look, although i like the idea of the kill switch wires doing something, because it acts like a killswitch, ill explain. So when you have any bike running and you hit the killswitch, it take a few seconds to kill and alot of the time if you disengage the killswitch during that time, it will start up again. When i lean the bike left runs fine, tilt up it starts to die, lean left again and back to normal. just a thought
  2. 99rangerxlt

    Xr70 only runs when tilted over help

    Well im gunna pull it apart tonight and just give it a good cleaning and test the ignition while im at it. I'll tell you how it goes
  3. 99rangerxlt

    Xr70 only runs when tilted over help

    Alright, i'd agree with that. So where do you think i should start? Float? If i rember right, these carbs don't have a adjustable float.
  4. 99rangerxlt

    Xr70 only runs when tilted over help

    Well its not the normal out of gas sound and the whole carb is clean. It sounds like someone just hit the kill switch
  5. So my new 2003 xr70 was running great all day then suddenly bogged out like i had hit the kill switch. So i put it on the kick stand and it fires right up and revs great so i get on and sit it up straight and it dies but if i quickly push it left onto the kickstand again it runs again. This leads me to believe it is electrial but i dont know where to start. The cdi box is plugged in, the green ground wire it nice and tightly grounded so any help is welcomed!
  6. 99rangerxlt

    Newbie here. Xr 70 help!

    Also, inside the clutch, that special nut the has the lock ring around it. I just realized that i forgot to push one of the tabs down but i put it on quite tight. Just wondering if someone had done this and not had a problem. I really don't want to tear into the clutch again over one tab and buy new oil and everything. Thanks.
  7. 99rangerxlt

    Newbie here. Xr 70 help!

    Haha well i got the part today and got it all back together and it runs and rides great so i must have done something right
  8. 99rangerxlt

    Newbie here. Xr 70 help!

    Yeah I think I got the order right, not sure how three metal balls disengage the clutch but I'll let it be haha
  9. 99rangerxlt

    Newbie here. Xr 70 help!

    Thanks abunch!
  10. So i just picked up a 2003 xr70 for my new pitbike and camping rig. I got it home and cleaned it up and tuned the carb up but it won't shift out of neutral to any gear. So i tore the right side case off to get a look at the clutch and everything and turns out it is the shifter stay arm, a $12 dollar part that keeps it in gear. Okay no problem, but while doing that i dumped the contents attached to the front of the clutch out and don't know where they go. Theirs a few pieces and a spring, I just need the order in which they go. Any help is appreciated. The part will be here hopefully tuesday, so i'd like to figure it out by then if possible. Im sure someone has done this and remembered. So here some misc. pics of the parts. I think the last one is the correct order going from left to right. Left being closest to the clutch going right towards the outer case.