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  1. Has just done a 4 mile run...... and now he feels... EPIC!!!! :D

  2. Anyone going to Electro Swing at the winchester pub tonite and wanna lift.. let me know :) 07526809408 x

  3. Litrally playing xbox to keep awake after staying up all night.. nothing beats a full english after a wake-in shift!! Sleep finishs 2nd again :-)

  4. Yesterday I went to turn on my Xbox (Which I hadn't used in ages!!) 3 red lights [X(] I've had this before when it was in warranty.. Something to do with the 'mother of all boards' Do I chuck the piece of crap OR is it worth repairing, Any thoughts??

  5. Hi guys! Right got possible electric problems with a nx650, No neutral light, no start? I'm wasting money trying to fix it!! Any suggestions? :)

    1. Simon Gibb

      Simon Gibb

      Firstly I overcharged the battery because it was gassing (Or thought I did!) Heard a relay click when trying to start it! (Its never started since) Bought new battery for it. Then got a new starter solenoid, Still nothing? My brother's checked the wiring with a digital multimeter, I really don't know much about these bikes. Help from anyone would be brilliant, Regards Simon :)