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  1. Hey guys, I own a husqavarna 2010 WR 250. The engine is completely rebuilt and only has about 15 hours since then and I'm running a rekluse clutch also. I usually run premium and 50:1 in it but I put regular with 50:1 and its revving high in neutral and the clutch disengages fine when I pull it but when first shifting with the clutch in from stop its like its not disengaging all the way and I get a grinding feeling. Also feels like my engine is running a little hotter then normal. Only started happening since the gas was changed which is weird. All the oil and air filter and everything has been changed and maintenance on the bike is great. So I really have no idea. Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
  2. Just looking at buying some graphics online and the selection that is offered for the XC is very small.. Does anyone know "for sure" if the 2012 SX graphics fit the 2012 XC? Or of a place that sells a bigger selection of the XC graphics?
  3. Just a fun topic to see what you guys think is a must on a new trail bike! And it helps that Im buying one next month
  4. Kody4356

    Just back from KTM dealer!

    Seems like you guys are confirming what I've been thinking all day haha. Just worried about wanting to MX more then anything else and be stuck with a $9,000 woods bikes, I know it would be easier to make the SX woods so thats why I was thinking the SX. Im pretty confident I'll be plenty happy with the XC
  5. Kody4356

    Just back from KTM dealer!

    Just got home from pricing out a couple bikes at my dealers. Pretty excited to hear both the '12 250 SX and the '12 250 XC are in store and in my price range! $1000 more for the XC but Im trying to rationalize getting the SX! I'll be riding more trails and playing around in pits then MX racing but I do plan on hitting the MX track probably once a week or whenever I can.. What are you guys thoughts on using a SX as a woods bike.. and whats your thoughts on using an XC for MX and playing around on a few jumps?
  6. Guessing that means it works just fine haha
  7. 250 XC is probably plenty for me, I just had a look at it and I think you right about forgetting the 300 XC.. Still so confused haha lots of money so I want to make sure I have the right bike.. What's the 250 XC like on the MX track?
  8. Kody4356

    Shane Watts rides Idaho in new Moto 3 video

    What kind I bike is Shane riding in this segment? Kinda looks like an 08 250 XC?
  9. Kody4356

    2011 or 2012 - 250SX vs 250XC

    What are you goin to be doing with the bike? I'm guessing it's not pure MX or else it would be a no brainer.. So what? More MX or more trails? More MX and some trails, SX for sure.. More trails and some MX, XC.. Or throw some $ into the SX and it will be a great trail bike and rip the mx track up. All depends on what you want and ride style.
  10. What do you guys think about the 300's suspension for MX? Im not very heavy so I probably wont have as many problems as some.. I'm 145lbs haha
  11. Thanks for the help guys! I'm going to go in tomorrow and have a look at the prices and have a seat on them
  12. Ya I've read it but they spend a lot of time and money converting the bike. I'm wondering what is the best to do both straight out of the shop?
  13. Hey guys! Im brand new here and figured I would introduce myself and get some help with a question I've been trying to get answered for a while. First off, Im Kody 22 years old, use to ride when I was younger ( around 5 to 14) then I kinda just stopped. No idea why I stopped but I wish I never.. So anyways, Im going to be getting back into it this year and I plan on buying a KTM 250 sx or a KTM 300 xc 2012 of either one I buy. Now I'll be riding MX at least once a week or whenever I can get there and I'll also be riding trails and a little bit of fun in the pits. I've heard a lot about the SX being a great woods machine with a few extra $ and I've also heard the XC being a great MX bike with a few extra $ haha see where this is going? What do you guys think would be the best for my needs? I personally would rather the SX but would riding it on trail make the top end go faster or cause extra wear to the bike? And yes I will take proper care of whatever one I buy. Answer as if the bike was to stay stock ( it won't but I want a better base to compare).. Sorry if it was a bit long guys but I've been stuck on this for a while .Thanks for any help!!