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  1. AscottyZ

    04 crf450r

    Ok I tried to use some silicone the rubber is just no good anymore, any suggestions from there I don't want to have to buy a new stator.
  2. AscottyZ

    04 crf450r

    I have a 04 crf450r on the left side of the case where the wires go to stator the rubber sealer has ripped and lost its hardness, it won't seat back in the spot i tried using non-hardining gasket maker and had no luck. Any ideas -Thanks scott
  3. Just letting everyone that lives in the east valley know about Jb he's a really cool dude who knows a lot about dirt bikes. check out his website www.ridejbi.com
  4. AscottyZ

    2005 crf450x just purchased

    sorry but i don't have the stock pipe also when i purchased the bike it would start up first try hot or cold and ran flawless but my only concern was the pipe was heating up to hot. I have taken the carb apart and cleaned and cleared everything so there isn't any clogs thanks for the suggestion though. An update though after working on it for a few days now and realizing that the fmf jet kit is worthless I'm in the middle of upping my main to a 170 will see how it works.
  5. AscottyZ

    2005 crf450x just purchased

    2005 Honda CRF450X FMF power core full exhaust with spark arrestor. which is why i am posting after purchasing the bike and taking it around the block a couple times i realized that the header was turning red hot it was also turning red hot after being started for on a couple minutes (when started from cold), so i have decided to take the carb off and clean it up, i still have the bike apart and purchased a FMF power up jet kit which has all the specs with it. I read through a couple of pages of the thread not finding any info on this subject thus the reason i am posting, What i am getting at is can anyone give me some tips on fuel adjustment and any info on the subject i live in Chandler Az. Any and all info well be appreciated. Thanks, Scott