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  1. mikej55

    2010 FE 390 Replacing Radiator hoses with Silicone help!

    I changed mine out and did away with the t-stat. Nothing really hard about doing it and no tricks to it. If you did the fuel pump with no problems then this should be a cake walk for you!
  2. mikej55

    husa clutch probs

    I would start by getting a bottle of mineral oil and changing the fluid in the system. Have you taken the top off of the reservoir and checked level! It should say on top of the reservoir what oil to use. Mine is a 2011 FE390 and it uses mineral oil so I would think the 570 is the same.
  3. Woodsryder, you say the e-start adds 12 lbs to the bike! Where do you come up with this! I have a ballistic battery in mine that weighs about 1/2 lb and I don't think that my starter motor weighs more than about 4 lbs so I would venture to guess that with your kickstarter and extra gears compared to mine is probably close to a wash as far as weight goes. Personally I would take the e-start over kick-start any day!
  4. mikej55

    Quick question, just rejetted?

    The small brass piece that you are talking about is a new "seat" for the new needle you just installed. As long as your old seat is ok you don't have to change it out! I just finished doing mine and I went ahead and replaced my seat because I wanted to make sure it was ok but you might not need to. I would think that by fine tuning the fuel screw when you get your new tool you will be able to adjust the bog out of it. You don't have to turn it very much at all to adjust it and make a difference.
  5. What other rebuildable rear shocks will fit the crf230f. Probably needs to be longer by about 1-2 inches also since I have the CR250 forks. Thanks
  6. ok, I have read several threads about doing this but want to go the easy route by not having to modify tank or steering stops. Is this possible or do I bite the bullet and do it that way! sure looks like cr250 forks are easier and cheaper to come by then cr85 forks. What are my options! I think I want to use my stock wheel to make it easier also but is that possible! Thanks