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  1. RenoDeano

    Snow Bike kit

    From what I have seen in the mountains around Reno, NV, it is a chore to get back on the bike after falling in deep snow. Once on top and up on the power they are a hoot, but a bit more trickier to handle than a snowmobile.
  2. RenoDeano

    New fork seal issues

    While you are at it replace the bushing also. Will make your new seals last longer.
  3. RenoDeano

    Where the HECK is James Stewart

    He will always be remembered as a tough racer and winner. Jealousy fellows will not get you to the starting line.
  4. "metric thread file" ?? Clean threads, best as possible, run proper die onto it (before any filing), check condition and spruce up with thread file. By the way, just how do you think they put the Nut on at the factory.....with a calibrated pneumatic or electric impact device. I would not use Red Loctite on the shaft and nut, because you may have to heat the nut to get it off again.
  5. RenoDeano

    Manual Timing Chain Tensioner Stuff

    The cam chain tensioner on my 2009 Husaberg FE570 is a spring oil pressure type and with cleaning and proper oil pressure it works fine. I bought a manual tensioner as a spare (a couple of years ago) but have not had the need to install it.
  6. RenoDeano

    Timing marks on Cam not lined up when tdc

    Even after several times using shop paper towel to plug air inlet on my Husaberg FE570, one time after putting it back together when I got it running good, I put it back in for the night and next day it started but quickly started running bad? Finally after rechecking everything I borescoped the inlet bell and found parts of towel had been sucked into th#$%^.
  7. "I want to replace my beaten O'Neals with a new pair of TCX Pro 2.1s. https://plus.google....=CJCk2vzQuvWNOA