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  1. coderxt550beast

    1982 Yamaha XT 550 TESTAMENT!!

    It is difficult to keep both tires on the ground lol. I wrecked on a 60 mile an hour wheelie and busted my bike up pretty bad, i finally just about have it back together. It is so balanced for wheelies and it revs so nice when its in the air, doesnt die out like normal 4 strokes bikes. It will balance it self right in the air you barely have to feather the throttle. It is acually so balanced when i wrecked it slid across the pavement 60 mile an hour straight up on the rear fender, it didnt stop till it slamed into a telephone pole. It ground the licence plate right off! i probly could of got up and ran and got it while it was straight up if it wouldnt of caught to the the right and into the brush LOL.
  2. coderxt550beast

    Yamaha XT550

    Hey..i recently restored one of these thumpers. There is lots of parts to choose from ebay, OEM sites, and your local yamaha dealer. It is pretty costing to do a resto on any thing. Cost me about 800-1000 bucks
  3. coderxt550beast

    XT Riders

    The old 550 thumper great great bike its the wheelie king
  4. coderxt550beast

    '83 XT550 Acting Funny

    how do you get a supertrapp to fit a 550
  5. going riding today should be fun!

  6. coderxt550beast

    1979 XT 500 Carburetor

    Thats what i thought to pd
  7. coderxt550beast

    1979 XT 500 Carburetor

    did u set the float on it right
  8. coderxt550beast

    My XT 550 project. Engine rebuild and maybe something more.

    i love mine too u cant beat them big thumpers!
  9. coderxt550beast

    My XT 550 project. Engine rebuild and maybe something more.

    do u like your 550?
  10. coderxt550beast

    1983 Yamaha XT550

    Hey thanks for your comment a have a 83 yamaha xt550 and boys does she go it stands right up 2nd and 1st and a little 3rd snap of throttle the front end is just like a feather lol. You cant beat a 550 thumper they are BEAST.
  11. coderxt550beast

    1983 Yamaha XT550

    I have a xt and i just want to see if there is any thing done to the motor cuz it runs really really good
  12. coderxt550beast

    My XT 550 project. Engine rebuild and maybe something more.

    My bike did the same thing i throw some valve seals in it and it ran like a raped ape IM think the valve seals.
  13. coderxt550beast

    83 XT 550 question?

    Look on ebay for one i dont know depends what kind of money you want to spend. My tank was pretty dented up and rusty so i restored the tank put body filler in the dents and painted it with good paint and it looks exellent. Xt 550's are pretty kick ass bikes by the way i own one.
  14. coderxt550beast

    1983 Yamaha XT550

    Do Yamaha xt550's have any power? any torqe?