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    Popping sound when throttle open.

    So I spoke with my buddy. He thinks that it is the sound of unburnt fuel. I am thinking maybe the spark plug is bad. Gonna try and change it out, however, niether of the two spark plug sockets seems to fit it.. A little odd. Anyone know what size it is?
  2. Darob

    Popping sound when throttle open.

    Hi all. First time poster here. I have a 2006 Yamaha TTR-230. It has been awhile since I had ridden the bike (3-4 months) and i am now getting it ready for a trip. When I started it up the other day it sounded horrible. It had a hard time idleing and any throttle at all it would choke out and die unless I let up right away. This was even after warming it up for some time. I assumed the gas was bad from sitting for awhile, so I drained the tank. I cleaned the carb, checked the air filter and changed the oil. After all this, it now starts up well enough (cold blooded as I always remembered) and after it warms up a bit I can take the choke off and it idles smoothly. However, when I open it up it revs up fine but I can hear some deep toned 'popping' . That is the best I can describe it. The engine does not cut out with open throttle and it seems to hold fine at high rpm. I live in a residential neighborhood and cannot ride the bike even a little to test it out. I am worried about this 'popping' sound and what it means. I cannot test ride until I get out to the trails. Since I will be driving 200 miles to meet friends for a weekend of riding I don't want to get out there for it to poop out on me. Does anyone know why it would be making a popping sound. Almost sounds like when you put your hand over the exhaust, that kind of sound. I am a novice mechanic but can try anything. Thanks for the advice.