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  1. theres my reason ... odd yes butt it sparked it for me .. i love em now .. post some pics aswell
  2. how the heck do i upload a pic .. i cant use links and all i need to browse my files and upload .. how do i do this
  3. ok .. i have a speed mini butt i have the sdg 125 motor on there .. cylinder head says 120cm soo its confirmed .. sdg told me saposed to have a 20 mm carb at 100 main jet and 15 pilot and 1 and half turns out fuel screw and 3rd needle clip position. my problem is i have a 107.5 main 20 pilot and 1 and half turns out on fuel screw .. and third clip and bikes runs like do doo .. i also dont have the 20mm anymore the bike came to me with a 22mm mikuni .. now it has stock exhause dont know if theres any motor work ... all over it runs like crap and i dont know what way to go jetting .. wondering if anyone has had this carb on one and has some exp with jets sizes .. off idle it boggs warm or cold .. i moved the needle up clip down to last notch and off idle is a lil better .. moved the fuel screw to 2 turns out .. off idles great crisp and responds well .. now when i ride it up top it seems to have a flat spott sometimes as if it is gettin to much fuel .. or maybe not enough .. i changed the plug .. tryed different coil .. checked grounds and wiring all good and i hit all connections with some grease while i was in there .. electrical greas dont worry .. did nothing for me .. same things .. runs like crap me and plug chops dont get along i tune to how she runs and feels .. and i like to be a lil on rich side never lean .. butt this is first time with a pit bike .. and no one has any good info on carb to motor and jetting ratios .. im sure somone out there had this motor and carb and had it jetted good .. ive cleaned the filter and the carb all jets soaked in cleaner then air compressor blew air into them clean and clear no issues there .. tryed the filter with and without oil still nothing different .. valves are all good clearance are perfect .. 1st thing i tryed to clear this problem and changed the oil .. still same thing.. driving me nuts .. just wana ride it and have a good time with it .. starts right up 1st kick real good noticable compression plugs what sdg told me it needs .. and is the same the bike came with .. also .. these bikes and others have lil spacers beetween the carbs will this affect me andy .. it as gaskets on there just not that big thick spacer like ive seen on other bikes .. no air leaks i sprayed carb cleaner all over the head and carb and intake areas and no drop or jump in idle .. timings spot on has great spark .. cleaned the pet cock and it flows fine and did when i got it .. im sure ive done it all .. its jetting .. 107.5 seems high to me seeing alot of these lil 125s are running 95-102s max with pipes.. idk,... any help please give it ... dont bash the bike .. all im looking for is help .. i have some pics of the carb to prove what it is . and if im wrong then tell me .