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  1. MTB02

    KLX break in

    Will do, just got all my turn signals/ tail light in today. Waiting on KXF plastics and graphics kit then ill take a few photos.
  2. MTB02

    KLX break in

    $3900. Guy wanted 5 orginally in his ad said hed let it go for $4200. I wanted to make it street legal so I offered $3900 because the wiring harness and lights are expensive. I got it home and it was already wired just had to buy the turn signals and tail light! Scored big haha
  3. MTB02


    Thats why I had no idea what anyone was talking about. Its already been done! Cheers thanks guys!
  4. MTB02

    KLX break in

    For the fist hour/ first 12 miles you are suppose to run the engine at low to moderate speeds. Start up and let the engine idle/ warm up and run at 1/2 throttle for 20 minutes. Let it cool then for the next 40 minutes run it at 3/4 throttle. After that change the oil and your set. At 26 miles I would just change the oil and call it good. Weird I just picked up one of these bikes as well, 2009 with 49 miles. Curious how much you paid if you dont mind me asking.
  5. MTB02


    Hey guys Ive searched all day and everything comes up with people who have done this mod but just saying yeah I did it. Im looking for what it entales. If theres a thread I missed somehow please send me the link but i would most greatly appreicate a few pictures of what you did. Im looking at it right now and Im puzzled what I drill/ remove and so on. Thanks for your help.
  6. MTB02

    So I bought a 09 KLX450R

    When you say KX full exhaust system do you mean one from FMF? I've been looking at the factory 4.1 from them bout would love to throw on a KX version??? I bought a set of UFO replacement sie panels for a 09 KX, guess they wont fit?
  7. Just picked up a 2009 klx450r and was wondering if there are wires tucked away to connect the turn signals? I see I have the switch already mounted on the bars but what to make it legal. Sicass racing sells a whole street legal kit I used before but if I dont need to buy the wiring i rather save the money and not. Thanks for your HELP!
  8. So I came across this KLX450r online. Its located 900 miles away from me but the price is so good it can't be true. Heres the ad on cycle trader... http://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2008-KAWASAKI-Klx-450r-103167588 I contacted the dealer as to why there was no decription and how many miles/ hours the bike had. He replied and said the bike does not have an hour meter on it and the bike runs strong. The plastics are a little beat but it was a trade in on a 2006 yz450. They got it at a steal thats why its marked down so low. Im just loking for thoughts, I guess Im interested in it because the price is right, and because the bike comes with a few nice add ons. Let me know your thoughts, anyone in Atlantic, IA wanna take a look at it for me?? Thanks guys Matt
  9. MTB02

    Few Questions on a 2006 KX450

    Excellent! Thanks for the insight, I will try and see what I can get him down to. Im not looking to steal it though but a fair price would be nice. Theres a few 2008-2009 bike around but out of my price range. Question is should I wait to grab one of those since there fuel injected?
  10. MTB02

    Few Questions on a 2006 KX450

    I've recently realized I now need another bike. Two years ago I had a 08 KTM 450 that I turned into a supermoto and flipped back and fourth with. Enjoyed it but man was it expensive, so I sold it and Im now looking. Seems as though I lost all my knowledge on bikes. I've found a bike Im interested in, 2006 KX450 from a guy who says hes the second owner and has ran it maybe 5 hours himself. Dont believe him but thats besides the point. Hes asking 2,500 on a completely stock bike except for a slip on. Its never been raced, has not needed service, and runs great. My questions are directed to the price and if I need to be worried about any problems from that years production. Upon reading I saw a few things about wrist pins breaking. About how much is a top end if I were to purchase and it really needs it? Any other info would be greatly appreciated.