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  1. CO-or-bust

    nOOb (to dirt/DS) needs buying help on XR650R...

    "The bikes are the same from 2000 onwards..." - "go with the best mileage and condition..." --- That's what I was thinking, but it's nice to get it confirmed.
  2. Looking to buy a used XR650R and plate it in NJ. In general, would you guys suggest an OLDER bike with LOWER miles/hours (i.e. a 2000 with 3,128 miles) or a NEWER bike with HIGHER miles/hours (i.e. a 2005 with 14,748 miles)??? The assumption being all else being near equal --- both near stock, or similar mods, and both in similar physical/visual condition. Bottom-line: which do you feel is more important? LOWER miles/hours, and therefore actual use? Or, NEWER bike? I am leaning towards OLDER bike with LOWER miles/usage but am WIDE open to your thoughts... Thanks! "CO-or-bust"