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  1. spmuddin323

    rebuild time

    alright i will check out hot rod cranks. i did some looking last night and i found where alot of people dont like wiseco cranks. so a flywheel puller should get me going.
  2. spmuddin323

    rebuild time

    well i planned on getting the top end also and of course all the gaskets for everything. i had t pull it home with my truck and i dont think nothing is wrong with the clutchs. what i was going to get is weisco bottom and top end kit with all gaskets main bearings top end bearing. it didnt seize up or nothing either so i cant think of anything else that could be wrong but im not positive. just looking for a little breakdown help. and i will send that guy an email
  3. spmuddin323

    rebuild time

    was riding my 02 125sx the other day and it started lugging down with me and knocking until it finally just quit. well i took the head and jug off and can move my rod about 1/4 inch up and down so it spun that rod bearing. Im lookin at either the weisco bottom end kit or the hot rods. don't know which is better. but i would like to have some advice on replacing this crank. i can have it done for 300 bucks if i take just the motor and supply the parts but i would really like to know how to do this myself. never messed with a 2 stroke bike before so this is a little new. what tools am i going to need, how to get the cases pressed off the sides of the crank, etc. any advice would be greatly appreciated