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  1. Minnesota

    oh gotcha sorry about that. And that is a good question, id call the place that pressed it in and ask them what tonage it took to go in. It only took a few tons to press off pistons for me. Id think a 5 ton would do but i havent pressed a rod on a crank before.... You may be able to get away with a cheap harbor freight press if you arent doing it all the time but you get what you pay for.
  2. HI, me and a few buddies will be going out to silver lake a few times this summer and it will be my first going so i have a few questions. I will obviously keep an eye on jetting and make sure im not melting pistons but i have some questions about tires. My tires are brand new dirt knobbies (dont know brand or kind) and some people told me theyd be fine but im sure a paddle will be way better. What tire would you recommend for the rear, ive read around and 8 sounds pretty typical for a 450. Anybody have any specific tire or size theyd recommend? Also will a front paddle tire help at all or will the knobby tire aired down be fine? what psi should i run the front, 10psi? stock gearing okay or should i get a new set of sprockets and chain? How much do they charge for the flag and mount bracket for a bike because i may just make my own. And also how much is it to get in with a bike aside from orv sticker. Any other advice you all can think of would be much appreciated. Cant wait to get out there! thanks in advance.
  3. Minnesota

    if youre talking about getting a wristpin pressed onto the rod to hold the piston then any automotive engine rebuilding/machining shop will do it. Im in michigan so i dont know any local shops for you. The shop by me charges 10 bucks to press on or off a rod for a chevy 350. If you cant find any, you can do it yourself by heating the rod till it slightly changes color, laying the piston over the rod then pressing the wristpin through by hand but be careful to get it through all the way and where you want it otherwise youll have to have it pressed out because the metal shrinks quick once the heats off. good luck!
  4. it had a 45 pilot, 172 main. I swapped in a 50 pilot and it runs great now for any other people riding in cold weather
  5. Pilot jet is obviously off but i wanted to find out how many turns from 2 out the fuel screw was. I started it up with the new powerbomb header and it popped a tad and the header glowed so i turned it off. i let it sit then tried it again, screwed in the fuel screw till it popped, backed it off 4.5 turns and it ran great. header glowed a little but wayy less than before. Obviously i need a new pilot jet. The guy said it has 2 sizes up in pilot jet but i cant seem to find a pilot jet spec for it online, would it be the slow jet? if so then stock is 42 and mine would have a 44. assuming my bike requires 2.5 extra turns of the fuel screw to run good, what jets should i pick up tomorrow to test out? thanks guys
  6. well i know the carb is in good condition because i drove the thing a little over a month ago when the weather was warmer i believe around 55 degrees and when i had it running last week it was actually probably in the 20's (when it was running bad). So it is definitely a fuel issue as i feel the cold weather is making it run pretty lean. Im going to count the turns and see if the fuel screw will richen it out at all and see if that helps.
  7. Hi, just picked up an 04 honda crf450r. All stock although im putting on the powerbomb header that came with it but keeping the silencer stock for now. The bike has a jet kit in already but that was setup for normal temp weather. Im in michigan and its cold like 35 degress or so. The bike will start although it pops real bad off idle and stalls when i tried to get it moving out of first. Where should i start as far as jetting. I would assume adjust the fuel screw a 1 3/4 turn out (stock is 1 1/2 i believe) and it may need more. and if over 2 turns out it needs a larger pilot jet??? also ive read that people have adjusted the clip position at the same time as the fuel screw. where is the clip and how do i set it to another position. Thanks guys!
  8. Thanks alot guys, i'll give it a try
  9. Hi, i just picked up an 04 crf450r that has a new top end rebuild, runs pretty dang good. Believe it or not i traded it for an 04 ttr225 that has sat in our garage for 5 years. The honda started up second kick cold. This is my first race bike but ive ridden my buddies extra crf250r for the past couple years. The head pipe on the honda has a big dent so the guy included a brand new fmf powerbomb header but not the full system. Will the powerbomb fit with the stock silencer? Should i rejet after adding the powerbomb if it does in fact fit? Thanks in advance!