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  1. Ok thanks guys. I will stick with helmet cam.
  2. Thanks for everyone's input. I only see them come up on the rare occasion maybe ill pick up the next one. I see blasters come up all the time for sale but I hear they are really weak on the power.
  3. Just tried to film some footage with go-pro hooked to handlebars and it looks like its from 1980 because of how much it shakes. I like the perspective but the quality is terrible. I'm not trying to spends a fortune on fancy mounts. Are there any secrets to this? Almost need a little shock absorber.
  4. I'm thinking about buying some land to ride on. For anyone who has land they ride on do you ever have problems with people complaining about noise? Would 10 acres be too small to carve out a decent trail?
  5. I've always wanted one of these quads and curious for who ever has one. Is it really difficult to find parts for the bike? I found one with no plastics and it seems near impossible to find just the plastics for this quad. Is it the same for every part? I might just look for a banshee but hear the TRX is hard to beat.
  6. GaSmoker81

    1987 yz125 good deal?

    $300 or best offer. I mean if you can get it for $200 bucks and it runs then to me that would be worth it just to take it out for a weekend and have fun but unless (in the long run) you are looking to do a restoration project I would look for something newer. Personally I would save up around $1000 and get a 2000 year model 125 two stroke.
  7. GaSmoker81

    MRD Exhaust Cop Trouble?

    When I first installed my mrd/ssw I didn't have my jet kit yet and my bike back fired like you wouldn't believe. I was riding down the street and a lady in her 40's gave me the thumbs down sign.
  8. XR100 Raptor 660 CRF450 DRZ400 YZ250 RM125 Mine look more like a mountain. 100cc to 660cc to 450cc to 400cc to 250cc to 125cc
  9. GaSmoker81

    Is Suzuki slow at releasing 2014 bike information?

    or are you? (suspenseful music plays in background).
  10. GaSmoker81

    Is Suzuki slow at releasing 2014 bike information?

    maybe they are going with a purple and yellow theme like the 1992 rm250.
  11. GaSmoker81

    Is Suzuki slow at releasing 2014 bike information?

    If they ever came out with an update drz I would be first in line.
  12. GaSmoker81

    Is Suzuki slow at releasing 2014 bike information?

    Yeah that makes sense.
  13. GaSmoker81

    Is Suzuki slow at releasing 2014 bike information?

    They are probably just really far behind compared to everyone else since they only have two street bikes on the whole site as 2014s.
  14. Just wondering what the deal is with Suzuki. Are they slow at releasing 2014 model information or are they just not making any 2014 models? The only thing that shows up are two MX bikes and two street bikes for 2014. Guess they still have too many 2013 drz400s and drz400sm to come out with anything thing new (even if it is just BNG).
  15. GaSmoker81


    Double oh snap.