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  1. MX28

    SEARCHING FOR: 2012 kx250f MUFFLER

    i got a guy selling me a 13 for 130 shipped only reason i dont wanna go with one of the 09 ones is cause ill have to repack it and my repacking jobs are about as good as a ford transmission..
  2. MX28

    SEARCHING FOR: 2012 kx250f MUFFLER

    yeah im not paying 70 dollars plus 30 to ship it though thats stupid
  3. MX28

    Wilson and JWR are Done

    why would reed hire someone to race against him on his team? that doesnt make sense. Think of all the tension. no way.
  4. MX28

    Need to get my arms in better riding shape!

    this sounds backwards but you shouldnt exercise your arms unless its really light weight and really high rep. just stretch your forearms many times a day
  5. MX28

    SEARCHING FOR: 2012 kx250f MUFFLER

    I just wanna buy the stock one..
  6. MX28

    13 KX250F OTD Pricing

    CA is moto central so its gonna be cheaper. i imagine if you buy out of state(nevada maybe) you can get it for about 6800 realistically
  7. MX28

    dont be that guy

    Hardass kids who think they're pro(with motodads)
  8. MX28

    ruts vs GFs

    I fell in love with moto before my woman, but i fell in love with poontang before i fell in love with riding... what a predicament Moto>
  9. MX28

    2013 250f pipe on 2012

    it'll fit, dont know about any gains or losses
  10. bad crash, just got my subframe and i find out the pipe is bent to hell also. NOT asking for handouts or free parts just please get back to me im DYING to ride again and cant find parts I only need the rear muffler not the headpipe.
  11. didnt mean to double post "2012" and also i havent aven done any research on the topic
  12. Prefer the rear of the 450 over the 250 and i was wondering if they'll fit up right. Thanks guys Also need a subframe for my 2012 kx250f holler of you know anything
  13. MX28

    Front Wheel Slide

    Okay you honestly are a retard. It's an intermediate terrain tire man, its not meant for HARD PACK you buy specific HARD PACK tires for HARD PACK terrain. NOT an MX51. What don't you get?
  14. Well i guess i was just missing it haha i called and got plenty of inf. Thanks trouble
  15. Phone number, website, anything. I saw the facebook and it only says they're in fellsmere.. Great help If anyone knows anything please let me know, I'd like to go out there for the weekend. Are they open this weekend? 6/9. thanks