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  1. Ok...its my buddies bike, he bought it leftover in late of 2010 and it had been sitting for awhile in showroom, never ran right from the start and the dealer kept telling him it was fine because they took it around the parking lot and that was it, anyway he tore the carb apart and cleaned it and its running great now except for when its in neutral it idles fine then once you put it in gear it idles a lot higher....have tried all adjustments on idle nothing is working, could it be a air leak?
  2. dchartt

    06 rm250 case oil

    Just picked up a 06 rm250 recently and was wondering how how much oil for correct level goes into the case? guy that had it was running 80w tranny oil and I was also thinking about switching from that I always ran atf in my cases, let me know what weight and oil you guys are running...thanks and also what years do parts and plastic match up for the 250s?
  3. dchartt

    New look for 2012!

    also wondering about bykas shipping...my order has been processing for 2 days
  4. dchartt

    New look for 2012!

    I just ordered a set of spoke wraps the other day and I was wondering since there so thick do they put any pressure on your spokes where the spokes criss cross eachother by rubbing up against eachother(the wraps)?
  5. dchartt

    Pulling trigger on 07 450f

    hahaha I know what your saying I am pretty much sold on the 450 but Ive been into two strokes for so long Ya cant just walk away like it was nothing, I actually cant stop thinking about the 450 it is one sweet bike
  6. dchartt

    Pulling trigger on 07 450f

    Tight quad trails no single track, thanks a lot man on your input, although Im on alot of trails hill climbing is what im into most thats why I think im going to go with the 450, at the same time its really hard to pull away from the two stroke considering I know them inside and out and Ill be starting all over with a 4 stroke engine but that makes it interesting I guess, I took the 450 for a ride yesterday and Im going to check out the 250 tomorrow, the 450 is still fresh in my head so Im hoping after I take this 250 for a spin Ill know for sure what I want
  7. dchartt

    Pulling trigger on 07 450f

    Ok Ive been a two stroke guy for awhile now and im about to buy another bike...Im trying to decide between a 07 kx250 and a 07kx450f...Anyway the guy with the 250 is asking 2500, and the guy with the 450 is asking 2800....both bikes are extremely clean and well taken care of. Both engines and pipes are stock. The only reason im considering the 450 is because it seems to me like wow 300 more and i could have a 4stroke 450 but I ride all trails and hill climbs and i have heard that 450s are alotta bike for in the woods, I weigh 160 and I am 6ft tall...I would like to hear you guys out there riding 450s on tight trails and climbing with them your thoughts...Should I stay with a 250 or 250f? or pull the trigger on the 450
  8. dchartt

    Rock Run and Rocket Raceway Trip

    Rock Run is pretty good to hit up http://rockrunrecreation.com they re open first week in April, not sure what you ride but It gets its name rock run for a reason...Ive only riden there on my yfz450r, pretty much just trails, found no serious hillclimbs or anything along those lines, I live very close and have been there only once due to the amount of trails and hillclimbs on public land already in this area