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  1. You're a Genious. I know it sounds like a dumb solution, but the carb tilt seems to have resolved all my issues! I've had the carb off dozens of times trying to trace the issue, but never paid attention to the holes on the airbox horn. I feel dumb that I never thought of this myself. She runs like a top now. Still temperamental to start...but now that I've learn her MANDATORY routine, she's a one kick bike 8 months of mystery is finally solved. Thanks again everyone!!
  2. Reluctantly, I resurrect this thread. I am still haunted by this cursed bike. My newest focus is the auto-decompression lobe. I'm going to remove it and see if it helps me start the bike. The belief is that I don't have sufficient compression to kick start the bike. Not sure if I'll be able to kick the pig over at all without the lever installed....but I'm going to try anyway. If I have success, I'll consider grinding down the decomp lobe until starting is reliable. Any new ideas besides this? Has anyone ever tried or heard of this?
  3. Buying an extra carberator is an option that I'm willing to choose. If it comes to that. I'm actually considering buying an entire other 06 sxf250. That way I can swap parts all day until I trace the issue. Then resell both bikes when they're running. The fuel lines arent linked, and I've removed the ball bearings from the quarter-turn cap. I've also tried with the cap completely removed. Flow from the fuel line is strong and unrestricted as well. The fuel is a few months old though, so that'd prob be worth changing out for fresh gas. I do have a gorgeous 2002 520SX that is keeping me satisfied while I curse at the 250. (it's also a bit of a distraction). It's for sale if anyone's interested.
  4. Yes I'm sure. The fuel screw has its o-ring and it's in good shape. thanks
  5. That's good advice. I found some small black foreign material in the bottom of the air/fuel screw cavity there could be more in there. I prob wouldn't move very much at 30psi, I've used 100+psi in all cleanings previous and it still hasn't dislodged anything. Worth another shot though. Thanks.
  6. Well thanks for the new ideas, I'll plug away at those. Just an FYI, since I dot have the JD kit, I don't have the bowl with the leak jet, so I can't dial that jet in, but I'll try the other jetting suggestions. I've never heard of that carb cleaner precaution. I've been using all kinds of carb cleaners for years without any issues.
  7. Well ive exhausted every other avenue. It'll be good to add a leak tester to the tool box anyway. On a side note, does anyone want to buy a 2002 KTM SX520 ? FYI It's located in Canada.
  8. I'll admit, I have not done a leak down test. What tools do I need and keep in mind this KTM's spark plug hole is very narrow.
  9. Yup, CDI has been replaced.
  10. Here's the latest... I replaced the throttle plate gasket with a brand new one. The old one was in good condition already....but I'm out of ideas so I thought I'd take a chance. With the choke on, I kicked it over cold last night. After about 20 kicks it fired up. I let it idle but it stalled when I didn't get to the choke in time. After that, I kicked it another 20 times and she fired up again. I stalled again and that was it, no more starts. That's where I'm at. I feel like I should be making drastic jetting or carb adjustment changes. Anyone want to throw a new idea at me?
  11. Thanks for the response Jason. I have now replaced every electrical component except for the Stator Pickup. However, all the parts were purchased used on eBay. I've swapped out the TPS, ECU, coil, spark plug, cap, wire, stator, kill switch and wiring harness. Im getting strong, reliable, white spark on every kick. I have an NGK Test Plug that I used as well and it fires everytime too. I ordered a new throttle plate gasket because from what I can carb was missing it. It should be here at the end of the week. Fingers crossed once again.
  12. Bought a 38 pilot jet. Installed it. No real difference in starting. Previously it had a 42 pilot.
  13. Well, bad news. Installed new stator....didn't help. We tested the stator and it showed 99ohms which is dead on. I took all my electronic connections apart and sprayed them with contact cleaner and that didn't help either. I'm back to examining my carb. I'm going to take your advice and get the started then set my air screw. It responds really well to it being 3 turns out. It farts enough that I can give it a shot of throttle and almost get it running. Also, I was looking at the carb diagram again and I see that there "may" suppose to be a round gasket of sorts that seats on the large "throttle slide plate" (plate that's shaped like a house). I don't remember seeing this gasket thing. I'll look into that as well. Any more hints/tips/tricks?
  14. Firstly, thanks for the responses. My valves are seating perfectly, the can timing is set perfectly and my valves are all gapped directly in the middle of the spec range. I've verified this 3-4 times. My spark plug is a light brown colour after a quick ride, right where I want it. However I've been using a new spark plug lately and i really havnt run it enough to actually colour the plug yet. After a hard night of kicking this thing over for 3 hours the plug will be wet, but not soaked. And it seems to burn the fuel I'm sending it and fires it out the tail pipe. For clarification I am NOT a mechanic, but my father is. He's a part time small engine mechanic with an engineering degree and has knowledge/experience far superior than most any other mechanics that I know. He's smart, and I trust his oppinion. He's been guilting me along throughout all of this. I also had a good friend who is an auto mechanic have a look at it and he is currently stumped as well. My point is that I'm not dumb or blind and I do have capable minds aiding me. There is no way that this could be a starting ritual dilemea. I've had countless people trying countless routines to no avail. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've probably got 10hrs into JUST kicking this thing. If You're right and I haven't discovered the proper starting ritual yet, then ill be looking to summon a wizard to give me the magic spell. I'm picking my stator up tonight, fingers crossed, but not too optimistic.
  15. These are good points and I'm still going to try them...but. I've tried all I can and alli ever get is one start out of it. The other night I climbed aboard, and first kick with choke(no throttle) it fired right up. I let it idle for no more than 10 seconds before I hit the kill switch, then tried restarting. No luck. I thought maybe it didn't like restarting when warm, but I guess not. The "not starting" is so cut and dry that I'm lead to believe that it's an electrical issue. It'll either start right up perfect, or not start at all. It doesn't run poorly when started it hauls like a train. It idles fine and is very responsive when it's running. I'm hoping my stator will be in later this week and it'll be the fix. I try everything that everyone suggests so keep any and all suggestions flowing. I really appreciate it fellas!