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  1. ridemoto

    New 2012 YZ125 problems, need help please

    You may be right but the only 2 fouling problems I have had were on a V-Force 700 atv and an 05 YZ450 dirt bike, I went colder on both and they never fouled plugs again after that as long as I had them.
  2. ridemoto

    Raptor 350 or YFZ 450?

    I think it depends on what type of riding your going to do. I personally love the Raptor series quads, I have had 3 Raptor 350's, 2 Raptor 660's and a 700 Raptor. I currently have a mint 2008 that I bought last night, I love the 350's because of the fun factor and also they are super reliable with no issues what-so-ever. The 350 has plenty of power and is predictable, the 450 on the other hand is to high of maintance, you will need to change the oil after nearly every ride, not to mention having the valves checked on a regular basis and they will lift the front wheels off the ground in 4th gear without even trying, pretty much a white knuckle ride all the time, rather dangerous for the un-prepared to say the least. I say if you are a new rider or experienced rider, get the 350, I am a very experienced rider since back in the days of the Tri-Z three wheelers and enjoy my Raptor 350 more then I ever did the 700 or 660's I have owned.
  3. ridemoto

    YZ 125 Kick Start Shaft Questions?

    Yea, I'm an easy kicker, some guys kick super hard repeadily.
  4. ridemoto

    New 2012 YZ125 problems, need help please

    Stay with that br9es plug, the lower the number the hotter the plug on an ngk and the easier it will foul, cooler plugs are more resistant to fouling. Also, I would back out the air screw a quarter turn putting a little more air in the mix, then clean your airfilter and go ride. If that doesn't do the trick then raise your c-clip on the needle one position this will lean the fuel mix a touch and it should crispen up.
  5. Just picked up this little beauty this past sunday, cherry garage queen, yeaaaaahhhhhhh!!! 06 125
  6. Any of you guys aware of the kick start shaft snapping on any of the 05 and newer YZ 125's? I had this concern on my 07 YZ 250 which lead me to sell the bike, read quite a few horror stories about shafts snapping and busting the side case. I also read a few stories through random searches about some of the older YZ 125's snappin but couldn't seem to find anything about the newer bikes. I'm hoping and praying that since my 06 125 kicks over so easy that I won't have any issues with it. I took the screw out that holds the kicker to the shaft and noticed that the bolt is short and there is a space of air inside about 4 millimeters deep, a small hollow area. This caused some condern so I replaced it with a bolt that had around 3 more threads on it, I measured and that would only leave around a millimeter or so of empty space inside the shaft with this bolt in place. I'm hoping this will make the shaft a little more ridged and not subject to any kind of eventual weakening due to twisting and the pressure of each kick of the kickstart leaver.