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  1. http://madison.craigslist.org/rvs/4087406334.html Didn't know a 2005 still had a steel frame! haha
  2. 99cr-honda

    Airfilter issues

    Thanks guys! ill have to try the turps, and the spray cleaner. It seems like thats a lil safer bet on my filters! With the spray cleaner do you have to rinse with soap and water too? I did this every time while cleaning with diesel, but i dont know if its neccessary with spray cleaner
  3. 99cr-honda

    Airfilter issues

    Hello, i have a 99 cr250. I hardly use it except for going to ride at Dyracuse Wisconsin, and if you've ridden on that track you would know its very sandy. Knowing that, im always very good on washing and cleaning my airfilter. It seems like every other washing my filter falls apart. Right at the glue seems around the top, so your left with two pieces of foam. I do not ring the filter out after washing, and i only lightly squeeze the filter to clean it. I do use diesel to clean it, could that be my problem? ive tried oem, and maxima filters, and always use maxima filter oil. Please give me some insight to give me some longer airfilter life! Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  4. 99cr-honda

    Lets talk seals

    Is this something I can order off of thumpertalk parts store? I know i tried ordering some parts a month or two ago and it was a little to confusing for me! and by the way, already got everything pulled out and prepped for putting new seals back in. I thought it was gunna be way harder, it was pretty simple!
  5. 99cr-honda

    Should this cylinder be re-plated or sleeved?

    Why does the top of the piston look all dimply?
  6. 99cr-honda

    Lets talk seals

    Hello, I have a 99 cr250, and its leaking oil out of the seal by the sprocket. Dont know what to call it, so ill just call it the sprocket shaft seal..but its been leaking for a while now and at first I thought it was the shifter shaft seal, but i now traced the oil line to the sprocket shaft seal. Could someone give me some insight on how to replace this seal? and the procedure you would go by. I checked the manual and it looks to be a a sleeve with a oring infront of it riding on the shaft? Dont really know what seal to replace, or how to get to them. Thank you for any advice!
  7. Whats everbodys favorite brand choice of gear? and if you have more then one, list em!
  8. 99cr-honda

    How do you store your helmets?

    I always let mine dry out, then put a drier sheet in it from the laundry room..put it behind the liner in your helmet, and bam! you have a purdy good smelling helmet.
  9. 99cr-honda

    shifter seal

    Sounds good! ill be sure to degrease and was the bike before I work on it, to get all the grime off it by the shifter shaft.
  10. 99cr-honda

    shifter seal

    Hello everybody, I have a 99 cr250 and I have been having this problem with dirt collecting around my shifter, and I always just thought it was the chain oil would get flung off and it would just sit there and collect dust. Well its apparently just not Chain oil, I let it sit there for a few days and there was a little puddle of oil underneath the bike and ik its coming from ther shifter now..So my question is, how easy is it to replace this seal? Im hoping i dont have to split the cases..But im pretty mechanically inclined and Im sure i could replace the seal either way! Thank you for any advice in advance, and I already have the manual for this bike.
  11. 99cr-honda


    Can I put in a br8es instead of the br8eg? same heat range, and thread length, just different electrode material right?
  12. 99cr-honda

    Plug chops?

    How do you do a plug chop? just rejetted the bike, and she rips. Just wanna check and make sure im not runnin her to lean.
  13. 99cr-honda


    Thanks for the information! did not know all that stuff concerning plugs. The price isn't killing me, but it just aggrivates me that when I do change its 6 or 7 dollars where ever I go and buy the spark plug. Where do you buy ur sparkplugs?
  14. 99cr-honda


    Why type of plug is interchangeable with a BR8EG? dont really like spending the 7 bucks at the powersports place just cause farm and fleet doesnt carry my plug, and is ther any major difference in a BR9ES?
  15. 99cr-honda

    How to bump start a cr?

    Alrighty! Thank you! and this will not hurt the cr right? and ive definitley got the hill, just got done having a redneck slip-n-slide down it. It was so much fun!